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by BullHorn
Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:47 pm
Forum: TrackIR 5
Topic: IR safety?
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IR safety?

I was using TrackIR5 with the hat-track-clip for a year. I remember reading that the TrackIR sensor uses very low power IR that isn't harmful. Now I got a DIY TrackClip Pro-style-transmitter and I fear that having such a device so close to my face constantly... might be dangerous? Does USB even have...
by BullHorn
Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:28 pm
Forum: Feedback and Feature Requests
Topic: Ability to filter a specific region of the sensor
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Ability to filter a specific region of the sensor

I've been using TrackIR for a very long time but usually in a dark room, to avoid any unnecessary noise going into the sensor. Now I'm playing with the lights switched on and the sensor is catching the light bulb and thinks it's one of the 3 points that it should be focused on. You can see an exampl...
by BullHorn
Wed May 21, 2014 3:24 pm
Forum: TrackIR 5
Topic: TrackIR5+Std. Trackclip - Pitch issue
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TrackIR5+Std. Trackclip - Pitch issue

Hello, I just received the TrackIR5 with a standard Trackclip. I mounted the clip to my headphones' head-band using a pair of tire-ups. It's perfect there and identical to how it would sit on a hat. The problem is when I look up. When I look up directly, it's fine. But if I try to look up and right/...