Motive 3.0 is now available

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Motive 3.0 is now available

Post by steven.andrews » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:43 am

Motive 3.0 is now available

Motive 3.0 delivers vastly improved skeletal and bone tracking precision, and helps users efficiently capture accurate data and produce visually compelling CG content.

Built around a new Quantum Solver that helps users navigate even the most difficult tracking situations with heavy marker occlusion, Motive 3.0 provides robust, reliable data and exceptional results. Additional enhancements include tracking more than 300 rigid bodies simultaneously using active and/or passive markers, precision finger tracking with integrated Manus VR gloves, and anchor markers to aid automated calibration and comprehensive marker labeling.

What's New Video:

Download Motive 3.0 here.

New Features & Enhancements
New Solver
  • Tracking Made Easy - Quality tracking out of the box with little to no property changes. For example, both active and passive markers now track without changing a single setting.
  • Improved Solve Speed - Large numbers of rigid bodies or skeletons will now track with decreased latency.
  • Robust Solve Quality - Extremely high-quality marker, rigid body, and skeleton data even in difficult tracking situations with high amounts of occlusion.
  • Manus Finger Tracking - Added support for Manus VR finger tracking in Motive.
  • PrimeX Camera Support - Primex cameras feature increased tracking range, the capability to capture at higher frame rates (up to 1000 Hz with reduced image resolutions), and the ability to capture beautiful full-resolution MJPEG video.
  • Refactored Pipeline - Allows tracking data to flow smoothly through Motive. This provides benefits such as showing marker sticks and colors in Live Mode and allows cameras to run perpetually in Live mode for data processing and continuous calibration. This change also provides the basis for major updates on the data processing planned for future releases of Motive.
  • Over 250 Cameras at a Time - Users can now run Motive with over 250 cameras/devices connected at a time, with only one PC.
  • Updated Licensing - A Security Key device is now required instead of the previous Hardware Key. New licenses now exclusively either work with Motive 3.X+ or Motive 2.X (and earlier). The Motive:Body license now only support up to 3 skeletons. A new Motive:Body-Unlimited license type has been added which enables an unlimited number of assets at one time.
  • Live Mode Always Running - Motive now runs Live mode separate to Edit mode. This allows the user to modify or export takes without loading the file. It also keeps the cameras warmed up even while reviewing recorded data.
  • No Installer Dependencies - Removed the DirectX 9 dependency in Motive allowing the software to be installed on computers without an internet connection.
  • Simplified File Menus - Simplified most of the menus on the toolbar including the File, Panes, and Help menus
  • Constraints Pane - Generalized the old Markersets pane to work for all asset types allowing the first steps toward totally customizable assets.
Movement Science
  • Delsys EMG integration - Motive now supports the digital integration of Delsys Trigno EMG platforms using Trigno Avanti sensors. Through this, users can collect synchronized EMG data alongside motion capture data.
  • Force Plate Clock Sync - All force plates (AMTI, Bertec, Kissler) now support Reference Clock Synchronization allowing per-frame synchronization with motion capture data.
  • Simplified Setup - The eSync, force plates, and DAQ devices can be set up quickly and easily by right-clicking the devices and choosing new quick set up options.
  • Improved DAQ Popover - Added "Select All" option, clicking on channel numbers no longer drags the popover, and it never appears below the screen.
  • Device only Recording - There is no longer a requirement to have marker data present to record with devices. This allows for workflows such as recording color video and force plate data without tracking data.
  • Added instructional pop-up messages when configuring force plate and DAQ devices the first time.
  • Removed recording delay with Bertec plates by using reference clock sync, it also improves recording reliability with back to back recordings.
Viewer Pane
  • Viewer Pane - Updated 3D viewport rendering to OpenGL and added a variety of visual improvements such as including the ability to split the viewport and improved context menu options.
  • New Asset Visuals - Added a new skinned mesh for visualizing skeletons and updated the rigid body pivot point to an octahedron visual.
  • Live Marker Sticks - The marker stick visual now shows up in both Live and Edit modes.
  • Reference Camera Visuals - Reference video cameras now appear as a different color in the 3D view, so that they can be quickly identified.
  • Simplified Skeleton Creation - Added a new hotkey and a context menu option for creating skeletons from a selection of markers.
  • Updated Marker Visuals - Updated the default marker color options for passive (white), active (cyan), and labeled (other colors) markers.
Settings Window
  • Settings Window - Consolidated all the properties and controls that are not changed frequently into one location. This combines the application settings, streaming settings, mouse controls, keyboard hotkeys, and audio settings into one window.
  • Hotkey Editor - Radically redesigned the hotkey editor allowing users to easily assign different hotkeys and save them out to their own profiles.
  • Large Volume Continuous Calibration - Improved continuous calibration for systems with any number of cameras.
  • Redesigned Calibration Pane Visuals - The calibration pane is now self contained, meaning that users can perform a calibration with only the calibration pane up. The new visuals include step-by-step instructions that guide new users through the calibration process. These visuals easily scale up to 300 cameras.
  • Automatically Save Calibrations - After a calibration is completed the calibration file is automatically saved into a default folder for easy recovery.
  • Active Anchor Markers for Continuous Calibration - Active markers may now be added to the scene to both aid continuous calibration with disconnected volumes and provide peace of mind regarding origin drift.
  • Added the ability to set the ground plane using any rigid body.

If you require technical support using Motive, please contact our technical support team.

Direct download link ... _Final.exe

Requires a security key and license valid through July 12, 2021 (check license status here).
A Security Key device is now required instead of the previous Hardware Key. New licenses now exclusively either work with Motive 3.X+ or Motive 2.X (and earlier).

Download section on the OptiTrack site ... otive.html