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Motive 2.0 Beta 2 is now available

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:54 am
by steven.andrews
Motive 2.0 Beta 2 is now available

With an expanded feature set and redesigned user interface, Motive 2.0 advances it’s precision human and object tracking capabilities across VR, animation, movement sciences and robotics applications. Notable new features include: Continuous Calibration, active marker and active rigid-body based skeleton tracking, AMTI Genlock sync support, and new system latency metrics for better data analysis.

Watch a video about what's new in Motive 2.0

Download Motive 2.0 Beta here. Unsure if you are are eligible for this release? Look up your license status.

New Features & Enhancements
Motive 2.0 Beta
  • New UI: Motive has started the process towards a whole new user interface. This not only includes nicer looking panes, but also more functional and well thought out controls.
  • Continuous Calibration: One of the biggest new features included this release is the Continuous Calibration. This feature allows you to maintain your volume calibrated by just regularly using your volume. All it requires is there to be moving markers throughout a majority of your volume over some reasonable amount of time for enough samples to be collected (limited to certain types of volumes)
  • Active Marker Tracking: Another big feature added in this release of Motive is the ability to track actively labeled markers. This uses strobed LEDs to uniquely identify markers. It allows non-unique rigid bodies with unique active labels to be tracked like regular rigid bodies. This is especially useful when trying to track lots of the same or similar object
  • Rigid Body Refine: We now allow rigid bodies to be refined. This means if you bump a marker you can recalculate the rigid body to make it fit better to its associated markers. This is particularly helpful when using rigid bodies for measurement or defining a new rigid body from a template.
  • Probe Tracking: We are including the initial tools to create probes in Motive. This will allow you to set the pivot point of a rigid body to a precisely calculated location by rotating the rigid body around the probe tip. Once a probe has been created, the pivot location can be used to create virtual markers in your scene
  • Persistent Settings: We completely remade our property system. Basically, starting from this release, Motive will persist all of the software settings between each use. Part of this also includes the change to watching folders on your file system instead of keeps a list of files that are loaded; this rewards and encourages more proper file system management. The Motive project file is also being replaced by the profile file which are XML collections of properties
  • HMD Calibration: We added a new tool that places the pivot point of a rigid body in the same location as the pivot for an Oculus HMD
  • AMTI Genlock Support: Added support for Genlock synchronization with AMTI force plates. This allows AMTI force plates to keep their synchronization with Motive over long recordings with no frame drift
  • System Latency: Added new latency metrics to Motive and NatNet including the system latency which measures the time it takes for data to make it through Motive. See the wiki for more information about how these new metrics work
  • More: View the entire changelog

If you require technical support using Motive, please contact our technical support team.

Direct download link: ... a2_x64.exe

Requires a license valid through September 1, 2017 (check license status here).

Download section on the OptiTrack site: ... otive.html