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Unreal Engine 4 Plugin 1.20 now available

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:57 pm
by steven.andrews
Unreal Engine 4 Plugin 1.20 now available

Real-time interface for streaming 6DoF rigid body data to Unreal.

New Features & Enhancements
  • Unreal Engine 4.20 compatibility.
  • Updated NatNetLib to 3.1.0.
  • Added an auto-connect feature. The client origin can now automatically search for and connect to a Motive server discovered on the network. With this feature, network IP addresses no longer need to be specified in the client, and the plugin will continuously attempt to connect to a Motive server until it starts receiving frame data. This feature also allows users to open/close Motive or start/stop streaming without restarting the project. This feature is not supported on Android.
  • Added 'Hide on Invalid Definition' switch to the OptiTrack Skeleton Component. By default, Optitrack UE skeletons are hidden until it receives a valid skeleton definition from Motive.
  • Experimental bone mapping roll bone support. Streaming skeletons now support arm roll bones for some characters. This feature is experimental.
  • Added 'Respect Parent Transform' option to rigid body component to allow users to treat parent objects as the origin. This feature is useful for teleporting pawns and maintaining a relative position and orientation to a rigid body.
  • Fix for a jitter issue when mirrors are in the scene.

Direct download link: ...

Plugin downloads section on the OptiTrack website:

Plugin documentation: ... e_4_Plugin