New TrackIR software and game support!

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New TrackIR software and game support!

Post by warrenEBB » Tue Feb 15, 2005 12:49 pm

Hello All,
-We have updated the list of all TrackIR Enhanced games to reflect recent announcements.

-We have also posted the public beta of TrackIR software version 4.0.022 on our Support Downloads page!
This update adds support for NASCAR SimRacing (full 6dof!) as well as some other minor enhancements. (click "version information" for all the details)

During uninstallation of TrackIR version 4.0.021 software, you may be asked whether or not you want to delete read-only files from the TrackIR user's manual. It is safe to click the "do not ask me again" checkbox, and then click yes, to remove them all. No harm will be done to your computer.

-That is all!

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