New Prices and get a Free TrackHat

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New Prices and get a Free TrackHat

Post by 777 Burnin AVG » Wed Jul 20, 2005 3:14 am

Summer Price Reduction!

We�ve lowered our prices! That�s right we�ve lowered the price on our most popular products. The TrackIR 3 is now only $99.95 and the TrackIR 3 Pro is now $129.95. The Vector Expansion is now priced at $34.95 and the Lock On: Flaming Cliffs expansion has been lowered to $29.95 When you combine a TrackIR 3 and a Vector Expansion you save $20.00! Make sure to tell a friend!

Buy a TrackIR 3 - get a FREE TrackHat!

Due to popular demand and starting today, we are now shipping every TrackIR 3 purchased with a FREE TrackHat! The stylish TrackHat includes a reflective area right on the bill and eliminates the need for a dot stuck somewhere on your face.

This hat offer is only good if you buy a TrackIR 3 or 3 Pro. The Vector Expansion already includes a TrackHat and if you buy a TrackIR 3 product and a Vector you will receive only one TrackHat. This offer is good at the NaturalPoint webstore only.


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