3 More TrackIR Enhanced Race Sims!

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3 More TrackIR Enhanced Race Sims!

Post by 777 Burnin AVG » Mon Aug 01, 2005 6:27 am

Announcing 3 new race titles that are TrackIR Enhanced!

NASCAR Racing 2003�

Race fans have a lot to be happy about this summer. The best selling NASCAR� title EVER is now TrackIR Enhanced with full 6DOF capabilities. Developed by Papyrus�, this amazing NASCAR simulation is guaranteed to thrill with its ultra-realistic and unforgiving physics engine. You can now gain the racing edge as you use the TrackIR to work high banks of Daytona� or the road course at Watkins Glen�. Apply any of the plentiful mods for NR2003 and you can take your GTP or Trans-AM racing to new levels of excitement!

TOCA Race Driver 2�

If you liked TOCA RD2 before, you�ll love it even more with TrackIR support! Drive a wide assortment of exotic race cars on many challenging licensed and fictional race courses. An extremely detailed damage engine will keep you honest if you like to trade paint. Use the TrackIR to hit the apex and shave precious seconds from your lap times. A great race game is now even greater thanks to TrackIR and 6DOF!

Colin McRae Rally 2004�

One of the most popular Rally games of all time is now TrackIR Enhanced! Push your rally skills to the limit as you drive through all kinds of harsh terrain such as snow, mud and gravel. TrackIR is a natural fit for this game as you fishtail around a corner and slide through a turn. TrackIR allows you to never loose sight of the centerline and make correcting a slide easier. You�ll crash less and appreciate the physics of Rally racing much more.

Also check out the movies on their respective game pages on our website. For a full list of TrackIR Enhanced Games check out http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/03- ... s-all.html

Make sure you have our latest Version 26 TrackIR software installed before attempting to use TrackIR with these titles. See this link to get the latest software. http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/06- ... nd-manuals. html


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