3 New Games and Upcoming TrackIR Events!

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3 New Games and Upcoming TrackIR Events!

Post by warrenEBB » Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:00 am

New Games Supported, and Free Hat Promo ended

3 New Games and Upcoming TrackIR Events!

As recpients of our newsletter found out last week, three hot new titles are now TrackIR Enhanced, each in full 6DOF.
Battle of Britain 2 : Wings of Victory™ is now shipping across America. Cross Racing Championship 2005™ is already out across Europe and is scheduled to release on September 15th in the US. The demo for GT Legends™ can now be freely downloaded.

TrackIR's will be on hand at the upcoming Canadian gaming competition, LPB Asylum, and we are actively seeking out other events to show off our technology. If you know of an upcoming event in your area with 50 more participants, please let us know by posting here in the forums or firing off an email.

Finally, our "Free TrackHat with every TrackIR system order" is now over. Thanks to all of you who took part and spread the word.

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