TrackIR 4 Released!

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TrackIR 4 Released!

Post by Jim » Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:05 pm

TrackIR 4:PRO Unveiled
NaturalPoint is proud to announce the TrackIR 4:PRO, the next generation in head tracking technology.

The TrackIR 4:PRO includes full 6DOF capability using NaturalPoint's exclusive Vector Technology. This literally means that users can move their head any direction and have their game view move correspondingly � instantly providing improved situational awareness in flight and racing sim cockpits, or on the field of battle (see our website for a list of current and upcoming supported games).

We have also given the TrackIR 4:PRO a 46 degree field of view. This is a 30% larger tracking and movement area than its predecessor. Other improvements include a quicker response time and increased resolution using NaturalPoint's Resolution Doubling Technology.

The TrackIR 4:PRO has also been slimmed down to a 1/2" profile, resulting in a lighter, sleeker, more compact design. Its mounting base is now designed to specifically accommodate flat panel monitors.

The TrackIR 4:PRO is available directly from NaturalPoint's own online store and from leading online computer game and peripheral resellers. TrackIR 4:PRO MSRP $179.9.5 Visit

Look for the TrackIR 4:PRO to begin shipping late November 2005.

Preorder now �
Be one of the first to get a new TrackIR 4:PRO and see for yourself what makes this the best TrackIR yet. Preorder now to reserve your TrackIR 4:PRO!

1 Cent Shipping
From now until the end of November we are offering all customers ordering directly from NaturalPoint One Cent ground shipping on all US orders over $100.00. This is a limited time offer so take advantage of it while you can.

TrackIR 3:PRO Price Reduced
NaturalPoint has reduced the price of the TrackIR 3:PRO to $119.95. This price is available exclusively from NaturalPoint and is good while supplies last.

Vector PRO takes Over
For those of you who have been holding off on the full 6DOF experience, and have not yet upgraded your TrackIR 3 or TrackIR 3:PRO please be aware that the 6DOF upgrade is now referred to as Vector PRO.

Vector PRO* allows customers with the TrackIR 3 and 3:PRO to expand its 2DOF capability to 6DOF. The Vector PRO will come with the new TrackClip and all necessary documentation to download, unlock, and install the software upgrade. A hat, headset, or other method of mounting the TrackClip will be required.

Vector PRO can be purchased directly from NaturalPoint for $29.95.

*Please be advised, Vector PRO does not include a hat.

Hats off to NaturalPoint
We've added new hats to the product lineup to give you more choices of color and style.

The TrackHat and TrackVisor are both available in black and white. All styles and colors can be purchased for only $9.95.

New TrackClips
A new and improved version of the TrackClip is available directly from NaturalPoint's website. The TrackClip attaches to most all Hats and Visors and can be adapted to attach to most headsets. The TrackClip is a replacement part only. (To make your TrackIR 3 or TrackIR 3:PRO capable of 6DOF support the Vector PRO upgrade is required.) MSRP $9.95. For more information on these accessories, visit ... ories.html.

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