New ARENA software 1.1.034 beta available

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New ARENA software 1.1.034 beta available

Post by Birch » Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:27 pm


We are pleased to announce a new release of the ARENA motion capture software, version 1.1.034 beta 1 is now available for download!

This release includes support for two actors, improved tracking and the ability to use up to 24 cameras. We hope you enjoy the upgrades.

note : in order to achieve good tracking results, we only recommend using the two actor support with at least 12 cameras.

The product page is here : ... n-capture/
The release can be downloaded here : ... loads.html

ARENA 1.1.034 Beta 01 - February 26, 2008

* Improved tracking performance
* Improved tracking efficiency
* Improved calibration square detection
* Improved control of markers used for T Pose
* Added support for up to 24 cameras
* Added support for 2 skeletons
* Added capture volume limit control
* Added auto block based on object size
* Added auto block using multiple frames
* Added auto block switches cameras out of greyscale
* Added display hourglass during file I/O
* Added prompt to save T pose data from wizard
* Added ability to save calibration wand data
* Added MotionBuilder x64 plugin support
* Fixed clicking a marker selects it on all skeletons
* Fixed numeric LED blank when calibrating twice
* Fixed MotionBuilder ext 2 plugin installation
* Fixed rigid bodies trajectorize with gaps
* Fixed trajectorizing rigid bodies with adjusted origins

Posts: 1139
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Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Re: New ARENA software 1.1.034 final released

Post by Birch » Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:28 pm

Update :

The beta period proceeded smoothly so we are moving the 1.1.034 release of Arena to final with no changes.

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