New ARENA & Expression software 1.5.000 Final (updated)

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New ARENA & Expression software 1.5.000 Final (updated)

Post by Birch » Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:51 pm

Update : The final 1.5.000 release is now available (no changes from Beta 4).

Beta 4 is now available.

See the linked post below for details ... #Post40083

Complete list of changes included in 1.5

ARENA 1.5.000 Final
* No changes from 1.5.000 beta 4

ARENA 1.5.000 beta 4
* Added OptiHub sync panel support
* Added marker renaming panel
* Added MotionBuilder 2009 & 2010 plugin support
* Added 3D Studio (3ds) Max 2010 plugin support
* Added per window textured floors and background
* Added V100R2 high power mode option
* Changed to hiding irrelevant markers in face template wizard
* Improved rotate/scale object controls
* Updated NatNet version to 2.1
* Fixed close all on skeleton/rigidbody/face template
* Fixed take names not saving
* Fixed 2D camera view glitching on x64 systems
* Fixed exposure, residual and rays settings altered by wizards

ARENA 1.5.000 beta 3
* Added OptiHub support
* Added detachable 3D windows
* Added per-window display settings

ARENA 1.5.000 beta 2
* Fixed streaming frame rate issue
* Fixed Direct3D issue on some systems

ARENA 1.5.000 beta 1
* Added FLEX:V100R2 camera support
* Added FBX file export
* Added no head movement option for c3d export
* Added skeleton name prefix to exported C3D data
* Added include unlabeled tracks option for c3d export
* Added draw track button in editor
* Added antialias option in display tab
* Added shadow redering option in display tab
* Added load/save workspace settings in project files
* Added multiple scene av grayscale recording
* Added remember past streaming IP address
* Added load marker labels from previously face template
* Added showing more than 500 frames in editor
* Added fill marker data when streaming rigid body
* Improved Point Cloud processing speed
* Improved Point Cloud calculation accuracy
* Improved origin alignment in face wizard
* Fixed 3D viewer display after resolution change
* Fixed C3D data is rotated 180 degrees vs BVH
* Fixed wrong end frame with multiple takes loaded
* Fixed start and end of take settings change unexpectedly
* Fixed batch export saves to the wrong directory
* Fixed recording ui controls can get out of sync
* Fixed timeline frame count wrong when changing takes
* Fixed asset window scrolling after performing action

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