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TrackIR/Racing article Online

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2003 2:03 am
by ThomasH
Check it out at BHMS:

Some small movies to download aswell.

Re: TrackIR/Racing article Online

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2003 7:13 am
by JSJ
Hello ThomasH

Have you received my email to you? send 14/3 & 28/3 (part of it in danish)

Subject: Re GPL SHift v0.58 ------ Lost webmails?
Attach: GPLshift_DLL_v0.589.07.ZIP


BTW: I have released v0.58 with reser to fov via (wheel) button

Re: TrackIR/Racing article Online

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2003 9:48 am
by ThomasH
Hi bud, i just emailed you.

Yes I recived it. (seams like the GPLshift_DLL_v0.589.07.ZIP is missing though) ? though the movies in the article wasn�t made with the latest verion of your software release ( I did have a version you provided close to that release though) It surely shows the awesome improvements you made to it!

As of know, it works extreamly good, only the resolution of the camera sets the limits. Love the options you have let the user to add in the config file!

If it weren�t for your efforts I wouldn�t have had the oppertunity to experience the trackIR system together with 3D glasses. GPL is the ONLY Sim that lets you do that while keeping a decent framerate as of know.

My second part of the article will look at 3D glasses more closely.

Anyway. The effort you put in to the latest release is awesome! Just let me know if you have further ideas. I hope to be able to write an article later on, once we see if developers takes these hardware(s) to their heart

(one gripe is that i did write this article some time agoo, and it takes time to get it through editors and all of that stuff, so all info may not be the most recent...but as recent as can be. I edited a few things regarding LFS for instance, that was changed with their 0.2 release from their erlier releases. btw, I saw a hint of that button support in the beta-software, but couldn�t get it to work,.Therefore I said what I said )

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Re: TrackIR/Racing article Online

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2003 6:29 pm
by Hotdognz
Great article ThomasH.

Hope that LFS has absolute mode in it when it goes first public release as it will be awsome.

JSJ has done a great job with the GPLshift and getting Track IR into GPL too.

Re: TrackIR/Racing article Online

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2003 7:11 am
by ThomasH
Thanks, Quite surprised to see so little written about driving sims here, though there are none having a full feature for it as of yet.

Let�s hope that may change soon, since this really adds to gameplay aswell as to the ability of driving games IMO