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tir_attack & F1C

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 1:49 am
by Natural1
Hi tt,

Thanks so much for the F1C suppport! I, for one really appreciate it as it is a much better solution than tir2joy/ppjoy.

I have a question for you... Does tir_attack control the amount of camera/head movement available in the game? For example, when assigning a control in F1C, ie joystick, to look left and right, I can control the amount of available "head turn" in the .plr file. Obvoiusly this doesn't work with tir_attack. I have tried setting the outer control points in the TIR "Motion" screen to give an outer deadzone, but the cockpit view still "snaps" quickly, all the way out to the side when I move my head a bit too much to the left or right.

So, basically I'm wondering if something in the game itself controls this (and I can edit it) or is it defined somewhere in tir_attack (and can I edit it?).

Thanks again for a fantastic utility!

tt, I sent you a pm on this but I don't think you've read it.