NASCAR SimRacing support full 6DOF!

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NASCAR SimRacing support full 6DOF!

Post by warrenEBB » Tue Feb 15, 2005 12:55 pm

Ahoy all,
NASCAR SimRacing ships today,
so i guess we have to go ahead and let you all in on the secret that it is fully TrackIR Enhanced in full 6DOF!

-you will need to download the v.4.0.022 software to use TrackIR in SimRacing

-the demo that they released a while back will work in 2DOF mode, but the developers have assured us that the final game supports full 6DOF. As soon as we have our copy we'll crank out some videos!

sorry we couldn't say more sooner, but... now you know. And now we hope you will spread the word!

more info here...

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