enhanced support for papyrus nr2003

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enhanced support for papyrus nr2003

Post by g3racer » Wed Mar 23, 2005 6:55 pm

hello to all those who have found the joy that is tir.

as a keen sim enthusiast of both flight and racing this device has brought me great pleasure as i am sure anyone who owns one would totally understand, the level of situational awareness is something never before seen in flightsims etc, now on to my point.

rumours, speculation, and the proverbial thorn in the side of full 6dof support for EA's new nascar "game" have motivated me to bring this question to your attention:

are we to see absolute/enhanced mode support for nascar racing 2003 "simulator" ?

i understand this is an old title but in my opinion even in 2005 it is still the benchmark for nascar type sims and is the one we will be using for some time to come.

to state the obvious, absolute/enhanced support for the trackir3 in this game would be a valuable addition and enhance the experience even further, thanks.

i understand there were some posts over at the RSC forums but unfortunately my firewall will not allow me to view this site.

i did spend some time playing around with the ppjoy and tir2joy programs and had a fairly good degree of success, unfortunately it was a little erratic.
i am hoping that the enhanced mode support will rectify this and make this title better than ever.

please advise and
thanks for hearing me out, g3racer.

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Re: enhanced support for papyrus nr2003

Post by Rushman » Fri Mar 25, 2005 3:18 pm

I'll let the Natural Point folks talk about the future of N2003 and 6DoF, but my nagging recollection is that it has come as far as it's going to. But I have to tell you I don't care if I'm wrong because the plain old enhanced mode works very well for me and I couldn't be happier.

But maybe that's because I remember clearly when there wasn't TIR available for N2003, then when the mouse look came, which was horrible, and then enhanced mode with PPJoy and tir2joy, which had it's growing pains. Plus, there is the fact that I have not yet experienced true 6DoF in any racing game as yet. When I do will I drop N2003 and not look back? Time will tell because I see Nascar SimRacing in my near future.

I guess I'm a little puzzled by the erratic issue you're having.

Hope you get the answer you're looking for.


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Re: enhanced support for papyrus nr2003

Post by g3racer » Sat Mar 26, 2005 12:54 am

first off, my appologies,
after re-installing the ppjoy and the tir2joy programs i soon realised that it was indeed
already in enhanced mode. (blue light on)
i am not fussed about the 6dof, as i too am happy with just the horizontal plain.

i will refraze my question a little,
(and please don't think i am complaining, i have been very greatful that it works at all.
this is my favorite driving sim, with the tir3pro and the gtp mod for nr2003 amoungst others, its like heaven to me)

so here we go, to the natural point team:

Q: will we see a patch or file from natural point that will support nr2003 directly, rather than all this virtual joystick business?

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Re: enhanced support for papyrus nr2003

Post by KenStreet » Mon Mar 28, 2005 7:44 am

Papy is still the King, after all these years. With 50 posts in this forum for it, the question; "Q: will we see a patch or file from natural point that will support nr2003 directly, rather than all this virtual joystick business?" should be addressed.

I am no longer with NaturalPoint, but I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to make this happen. This is not an official statement.

Papy as we all know it is gone. All that remains is Dave Kaemmer(creator of all things Papy), some Papy staff, and the Project Wildfire Team(creators of IROC, Craftsman Truck mods). With their new partner John Henry(Owner-Boston RedSox), they are working to make the greatest racing simulation ever made, covering several types of racing. They purchased the rights to the source and object code to NASCAR Racing 2003 from Vivendi, and Fir$t Racing was born.

Currently Fir$t is locked in a huge legal battle with a guy named Tim McArthur. Tim is responsible for the amazing GTP MOD. Even though permissions were given to Tim to make the MOD, issues arose concerning the use of an altered .exe, and various physics enhancements.

Fir$t is concentrating their efforts on modifying the original source to make their next-generation title. If we will ever see an "official Enhanced NR2003" Fir$t would have to build NaturalPoint technology into the old Papy engine, and release a patch for NR2003. There may be another way, but I think Fir$t would rather spend the time building NaturalPoint into their next generation title(s).

Play NR2003 as much as you can, enjoy every moment. Someday soon,..Fir$t will introduce its new sim to the community,..Old skool NR2003 will be retired.

But do not worry, even though EA owns the rights to NASCAR; Papy can still release a "stockcar simulator" with everything NR2K3 had and more. Soon after the release, I am certain user-made paintjobs with all of the latest NASCAR paint will hit your favorite racing download sites.

Unless NaturalPoint has something up their sleeve to get Sierra/Vivendi to alter NR2003, chances are PPJoy/Tir2Joy may be the only to way to make it work.

Mr. Kaemmer knows how to make a sim, he is known as "The Father of Sim-Racing" as we know it. TrackIR Heads; its up to you and the talented team at NaturalPoint to make sure Dave doesn�t forget to add technology in. I am sure the NaturalPoint team has this well in hand, but still,..get out there, and Pound the Fir$t forums. Let Dave and his team know that you demand a new level of Racing Simulation that includes TrackIR Enhanced/6DOF from NaturalPoint!!

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Re: enhanced support for papyrus nr2003

Post by altstiff » Mon Apr 11, 2005 3:09 am

Ken, Tim had nothing to do with the GTP mod. That was Team Red line.

Tim modded an exe file to make diffrent classes of "The Pits Touring Cars" for use in an on-line enduro series. Something Fir$t decided they didn't like.

I don't agree with Tim on alot of things but on this one I do. I won't get into it here but I just wanted to clairify what the hub bub is all about.

EDIT: Fir$t's new game is going to be "on-line" only with no AI racing and a pay to play type thing.

I think N2K3 will be on my hard drive for a very long time just like GPL has been........

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Re: enhanced support for papyrus nr2003

Post by g3racer » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:03 am

thanks kindly for all the replies, and yes i did get the answer i was looking for, my reply is rather late but we do now have a full 6dof in nr2003, and i commend the np team for their effort in providing the support for this title.
its a very good idea not to get into the fir$t debate here, its a tragic tale for any papy fan and the race sim community in general.

ken, i thankyou for your input and by no means wish to offend, as i agree with you about dk being able to put a sim together, that we know for sure.
i wasn't sure if you were joking or if you are aware of it, but throughout your iracing sales speil, i would consider the adding of the $ sign to the word Fir$t might infact reflect negative community opinion.

i ask for no first/iracing discussion, not here anyway. plenty of info out there if you want it, and if you are into sim racing you probably already know enough.

the only thing that is of any relevance here is that
the now defunct, papyrus'

"Nascar Racing 2003 season" is now with 6dof

how ever you made it happen, well done.
thankyou np, and long live nr2003season

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