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SmartNAV vs TrackIR

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 10:32 am
by ALJ
Hey there

As a medialogy student, this seems very interesting to me. As a hobby PC pilot too, even more. I was just wondering what the differences between TrackIR and SmartNAV is?

As far as I can see it seems like this: the TrackIR is meant for games only and a bit cheaper. The SmartNAV is a bit more expensive but can be used both for games and as a mouse. Is this correct?

If I want to play around with using it as a mouse, I will have to go for the SmartNAV?

I hope somebody can help.

Re: SmartNAV vs TrackIR

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 12:00 pm
by VincentG
Yes you are correct; the TrackIR is designed specifically for gaming. The SmartNAV as a mouse replacement device which also will work with in gaming applications, using the TrackIR software.