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New SmartNAV Software 3.20.035 beta 2 Released

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:25 pm
by Birch
We are happy to announce that a new release of the SmartNav software is available for download.

The release can be downloaded here : ... loads.html

Version 3.20.035 Beta 2

* Added greyscale tracking mode
* Improved tracking for slow moving objects
* Improved tracking to stay locked on to main object
* Fixed cursor jumps when tracking is lost and resumes
* Fixed tracking window size for SmartNav 3 cameras

The release also includes changes made in the recent Beta 1 release.

SmartNav 3.20.035 Beta 1
* Fixed system standby issue with new USB driver
* Fixed cursor jumping when exiting pause and precision states in relative mode
* Improved tracking for slow moving objects