TrackIR% & sighting problems with Cliffs of Dover Fligh

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TrackIR% & sighting problems with Cliffs of Dover Fligh

Post by blitzen » Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:07 am

Hopefully in the right forum...
I have everything up & running fine except presistant ( and not unique) FPS drop off ( to about 10(!)) at low altitudes,BUT sighting in on AI aircraft ( even bombers flying more or less level,) at any altitude is giving me fits.As mentioned I have TrackIR5 and use the proclip;my movement sensor is now about 2 feet from my head on the left side of the monitor.So far ,so good. In approaching my target I fly normal ( think wide angle view,) as I close I might go to adjust shoulder belts( lean into sight with restricted view left & right,but a bit more centered into gunsight,)then when I approach shooting distance I hit the telephoto ( i.e. closeup) button & yes a resultant loss of FPS, but I try to live with that ( its frustrating ,oh how I wish for IL-2 FPS & controls) Here's where it get really dicey: even the tiniest head movements & I mean tiny,sends the pipper ( the glowing sight) left & right and/or up & down all over the place, making it extemely hard on the pilot ( me , now with stiff neck from trying to be absolutely still-most unrealistic...) & crazty hard to get hits .Of course this gets worse & worse low down over cities.Couple this with slight movements with the stick & FPS problems with smoke when I do get hits ...well you get the idea.
Does someone have a profile that eliminates this that makes for a center head movement deadzone or something? I have tried different distance between me & the sensor with no results ...Help please?

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Re: TrackIR% & sighting problems with Cliffs of Dover Fligh

Post by NaturalPoint - Mike » Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:55 pm

What's your computer hardware/os setup?

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