Can't find original packaging, so can't use product

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Can't find original packaging, so can't use product

Post by Drakton » Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:41 pm

Since the long time that I've owned my Track IR 3 Professional with Vector Support, I've certainly been through a few re-installs of various and repeated versions of Microsoft Windows.

Lately, I lost my hard drive, and opted to install Windows 8 Professional from my Microsoft Action Pack subscription. Since my last Windows fresh install (as you all know takes place for you), I have not been able to locate my activation keys for the TrackIR software. Hey... some of us have a wife who moves your **** around and "reorganizes" for you. Regardless -- I'm unable to "activate" the trackir software this time. And I shouldn't ***** have to.

Here I am on the weekend, after finally and painstakingly having to get through both installing Windows 8 and all my software and games. And now I can't use my **** TrackIR. I can't find my **** plastic case it came in, although I had to do this only a few months before, and had to type in my codes from the card in the plastic case, which Holy****LuckyIStillHaveThePackageAfterAllThisTime, but I can't find it now.

I have no support, I can't use the device I *******paidfor, and yes I'm really ****** off. I installed the TrackIR software on my newly-installed Windows 8, and I can't use it.

Sorry if it seems I'm venting, but I am. It's the weekend, and support is closed, but **** happens on weekends. Why do you have to protect your software so much, when clearly your software can detect that I own the **** hardware. I could, and want to go on, but **** what's it gonna do just me "********" in the forums anyway.
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Seth Steiling
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Re: Can't find original packaging, so can't use product

Post by Seth Steiling » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:29 am

Hey Drakton,

The vector license is to expose functionality that didn't initially exist when TrackIR 3 was released (6 DOF). It's not for security or protection.

Sorry you had a bummer of a weekend without the device. We're happy to look the code up for you now that we're back in the office. Just hit up for assistance.

- Seth
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