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Can I still use my TrackIR 3?

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:12 pm
by NaturalPoint.Kai
TrackIR 3 works on the latest version of the TrackIR software, but it requires an Vector Expansion license and one of the tracking clips (TrackClip or TrackClipPro) in order to use.

Vector Expansion is a third party software used for TrackIR 3. Hardware upgrades in our TrackIR camera and TrackClips have moved to a three point system. If you are using the TrackIR 3, you must have the Vector Expansion enabled for your device to work properly. If you cannot find your Vector Expansion code, search through your past emails and packaging. If you need assistance finding your code you may contact us at:

TrackIR 4 and TrackIR 5 devices do not need Vector Expansion.