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Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Fri May 14, 2004 10:08 pm
by Duick
Refer to this link if you have these issues!!



today my Track IR 3 arrived. After Installation of the software I tried to connect the device. The device manager is searching for the correct drivers but always comes back asking if he should connect to the internet in order to search for the driver there. In this case I choosed to search on my own and let him search the C:\Windows\system 32\drivers directory. I know that the needed drivers are in this directory (there are two files npusb.sys and npusbrnm.sys) but the device manager cannot recognize them and comes back with the message that the hardware could not be installed.

I tried it several ways. Also tried to let the Track IR 3.10 software delete any older registry entries and restarted the machine afterwards. But nothing helped.

What can I do to bring this device to work.

By the way I have Win XP Prof.

Regards Duick.

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Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 12:39 am
by Charlie251
Interesting. I have XP Pro as well and it worked just like it was supposed too.

OK, lets give this a try.....

0. Make sure the TrackIR is not plugged into the machine.

1. Uninstall TrackIR software using the 'Add/Remove Programs' feature in the Control Panel. When it asks if you want it to clean up old registry settings, select YES. Reboot the machine.

2. Go to and re-download the 3.10 drivers in the case of a corrupted download.

3. Install the drivers. When it asks to clean up, say YES. Reboot yet again.

4. Plug in the TrackIR. You should get the USB sound from the speakers showing that it found a USB device and in the taskbar you should get the "TrackIR found.... blah" message. Then the box should come up saying that the drivers are not registered with windows..... just select CONTINUE ANYWAY.

That should be it. If you have problems again, please let us know exactly where in the above process you were at and the exact text of the error. If it repeats, that info should help us in figuring this out.

Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 12:40 am
by Charlie251
PS: What other hardware do you have on your system? Any X-Keys or funky stuff?

Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 3:10 am
by Duick
Hello Charlie,

thanks for the reply. I have tried all possible versions of deinstallation and new installation afterwards. Nothing helps. After plugging in the TrackIR always only the message "USB device found" is apparent and not "TrackIR found". This always leads to the next message that the necessary driver cannot be found. If I look in the directories of the hard disk then I find the drivers there. There are the npusb-drivers in C:\Windows\system32\drivers and in C:\Windows\inf is the necessary *.inf - file. Additionally after every deinstallation I also searched the registry for entries named "naturalpoint" and "Trackir" in order to verify there are no traces of the trackir-software.

That leaves me rather helpless. I do not know how to tell my system to recognize the Trackir-drivers. With all other installed USB-Software I have never had problems. Guess there are things in the TrackIR-USB-Driver that do not suit to some system constellations.

To add that I have downloaded and used the most actual software from the naturalpoint-homepage and do definitely not have installed things like X-key or funky stuff.

Regards Duick

Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 3:56 am
by Charlie251
OK, dang. Was hoping for an easy one here.

After you install the TrackIR software, have you looked through the registry? Is it actually getting the access it needs to place the proper keys in it? Just a long shot, but I am hoping...

Have you pointed the driver location to the TrackIR directory?

If all else fails, call their support line directly at

Phone: 541-753-6645 ex.10

I know a few of them are out of town right now in LA for E3. That is why they are a bit slow on this thread I would imagine. If you call directly, you can get an answer immidiatly.

Hope it helps.

Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 2:42 pm
by Wayne

I'm at home at the moment and dont have access to my work computer, but let me try and help from here.

When you installed the software did you connect your unit to different USB ports?

Have to tried to direct the driver install to the NPUSB3.inf file that is located in "C:\WINDOWS\inf"

If the software installed correctly this is the file that confirms where the drivers are located to Windows.

What other devices do you have installed or connected on your USB system?

Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 5:58 pm
by Duick
Hello Charlie,

tried some more installations. What I have found in the registry strait after a fresh installation of the software and before connecting the TrackIR to the USB-Port are the following entries:



In the directory NATURALPOINT and the Subdirectory NATURALPOINT are just the entries "Standard" Type REG_SZ.

In the Subdirectory MSFS2004DIR is also the entry "Standard" Type REG_SZ and additionally "Path" with the Path to the Modules Folder of FS2004.



In the directory NATURALPOINT and the Subdirectories TrackIR and 3.10.000 are just the entries "Standard" Type REG_SZ.

More about TrackIR is not in the registry. What do you mean with the question: "Have you pointed the driver location to the TrackIR directory?" How should I do that ? May be that there have to be some more entries in the registry ?

Would you be so kind to check your registry entries and give me some hints if I would have to amend something in the registry ?

Regards Duick

Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 7:27 pm
by Duick
Hello Wayne,

I tried to connect the TrackIR to two different USB ports. But it always only tells me that it has found a USB device and if I let it search for the driver it comes back and finds nothing. If I try to direct it to the C:\Windows\inf directory where the npusb3.inf file is located than it also comes back with the message that it could not find the necessary driver. Because of that I disconnected the TrackIR from both USB ports and afterwards erased the yellow entries in the device manager. There are a lot of other USB devices connected to my system. For instance a Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar, a PFC-Cirrus-Yoke (with pedals), a HP deskjet Printer, a Plantronics USB Headset and a so called WIBU-Box (Hardware Copy Protection) that is needed to be able to operate a flight sim software called ELITE Pilot. As I try to direct the driver to the NPUSB3.inf - file within the device manager I always have to choose which kind of device the TrackIR is. I tried it with different devices of the listed ones and pointed the device manager to the NPUSB3.inf - file but the result was always�the same (cannot find the necessary driver). Just to mention the driver-files npusb.sys and npusbrnm.sys both are in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers - directory. One question: Couldn't you send me all the necessary Registry entries for the TrackIR. May be it will be possible to operate it this way.

Regards Duick

Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 8:43 pm
by Duick
Hello Wayne,

just to add that:

Tried another installation. Let the system do the search for the drivers for the found USB-device and bring that to an end (again it did not find them). Than a Win XP - Hardware - Installer message with the following information came up:

"Device Driver - XML - Profile is not present:

< ? xml version = "1.0" ? >

devices xmlns = " "
device deviceInstance = "USB\Vid_131&Pid_0155\5&714a194&0&1"
hwid rank = "0" > USB\Vid_131&Pid_0155&Rev_0001
hwid rank = "1" > USB\Vid_131&Pid_0155
compid rank = "2" > USB\Class_ff&SubClass_00&Prot_00
compid rank = "3" > USB\Class_ff&SubClass_00
compid rank = "4" > USB\Class_ff"

Can that be of any help ???

Regards Duick

Re: Track IR 3 does not find hardware driver

Posted: Mon May 17, 2004 7:20 pm
by Duick
Hello Wayne,

sorry for insisting on this but may I draw your attention back to a problem of the Driver-Installation for TrackIR 3 Pro for that I up till now did not have found a solution and you did not come back to my answers on your support questions from 15 th May. Would be nice to get some support in order to get TrackIR 3 Pro working.

Regards Duick