Thank you Track IR team!

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Thank you Track IR team!

Post by Seetherr » Wed Jul 21, 2004 9:32 pm

My replacement Track IR arrived today and in perfect working condition. Finally got a chance to try it out today and WOA DAM.. what a rush. My flight sims have come alive all of a sudden, specially World War 2 Online. I have never gotten so many air to air kills.

My SA in the game world has improved by a factor of 10 it seems. The unit itself installed and ran perfectly.

It still takes some getting used to and sometimes my head movements are too jerky for comfort, but that is more of a human factor issue than anything to do with the hardware or equipment. And some config tweaking is in order me thinks, but all in all I am very satisfied.

My brother has already tried it at my place, and is in line to get his own unit come next pay day.

Also want to mention customer support is top notch, the guys who answer the support n' sales phones are really cool, and the issue I had with my original unit was solved quicker than I ever epxected. Special thanks to Mr. Donald in particular.

Just wanted to express my satisfaction to the team. Again thank you.


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Re: Thank you Track IR team!

Post by Donald » Thu Jul 22, 2004 6:51 am

Thank you Luis.

I appreciate your kind words and I hope you have a great time taking down the enemy in WW2OL.

Have a great day,


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