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Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 7:37 am
by scragbat
My experience with the latest drivers on Windows XP Pro x64 (4.1.028)...

I have Windows x64 running on an AMD 64 3200+(Venice), K8N Neo2 Platinum (socket 939) with 2Gig of Corsair TwinX3200 and a Galaxy 6800GT nVidia card. After a fresh install and then updating all my chipset drivers, graphics, audio etc. to the latest versions, I then install my TrackIR3 Pro using the above drivers...

It appears to work fine and I can set up my own profile nicely. I do have one problem though. When I shutdown TrackIR it still leaves the 'trackir.exe x32' process running in the background (confirmed by loading task manager CTRL+ALT+DEL). If I try to launch TrackIR again it won't let me, and no matter how many times I try I cannot end the 'trackir.exe x32' process in task manager. It just stays there...? It doesn't appear to be using any processing bandwidth, it just won't die.

As I said, this happens with a clean install of x64 (did it twice to confirm I hadn't done anything wrong!) and there doesn't appear to be anything conflicting with it. I had the same problem with 028 in XP Pro using the exact same hardware, but it worked OK using the previous 027 driver. I tried the 027 driver in x64 but it did the same thing as 028. Works OK on the first load but refuses to shutdown properly...

I could live with having TrackIR running permanently and just have it disabled via the hotkey when not in use, but shutdown takes forever because of the process that won't die...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If someone could confirm that they are having the same or similar problem that would be something. I really like x64 and find it a smoother and more stable OS, but as I am a keen flight simmer, I fear I will have to go back to the 32bit version if I can't fix this issue.

I did search the forums but couldn't find any clues (***See edit below***)

Best Regards

PS I am at work so cannot post my serial number. I can later though if it helps.

*** EDIT ***
I did find something on a search! I could try to delete the entire profile folder just in case something in there got corrupted during the install Link to similar problem

Not sure if this will solve it though as it is a fresh install on a newly installed OS and there are no previous profiles...

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Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:02 am
by scragbat
More research is making me think that this is a profile issue. I have found another post that suggests this...

Quote by TX-EcoDragon from this link

quote:I have this same trouble with my TrackIr3Pro-Vector. It started fairly recently, but a few weeks after the 11/29/05 software release was installed.
Looking in the profiles folder I see all profiles are 2kb, except the once I use most (IL-2/PF), which is 718 kb. The content of that profile was filled with a repeating string that is missing from the others. The string repeats itself 13,823 times!
<AssociatedGame Id="4294967295" />
<AssociatedGame Id="4294967295" />
<AssociatedGame Id="4294967295" />
<AssociatedGame Id="4294967295" /> It is the IL2 profile that I am modifying/using! Seems more than coincidence. I will check the filesize tomorrow and report back.

Will take some time though because I Acronis'd back to a working version of XP Pro to get my fix of IL2!! Will have to restore back to x64 from my external backup to check things...

Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 12:58 am
by scragbat
It wasn't the profiles

They are all 2Kb...
Tried deleting them too and that didn't help.

I have now tried 4.1.027/28 on seperate partions also, but to no avail. TrackIR3 starts up fine and is fully functional, but it just will not sure down properly!

I can't even shutdown XP x64 because of this hanging process. I have to turn it off at the wall or hold the power button for 4 seconds...

I cannot tell you how frustrating this is
Could I get some help with this issue?
My serial number is 17599

I know that there is nothing wrong with the device itself as I am now back in Windows XP Pro and it is working fine.

It will just not shutdown the process 'trackir.exe x32' under x64. If I could just quit the process myself that would be better than nothing.

Help me Obi-Warren Kenobi, you're my only hope...

Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 5:19 pm
by AsRock+SD
Well as i can see of there NOT TRUE x64bit drivers. There just made compatable. Is there any chance you could make x64bit drivers to actualy take more advantage ?

Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 3:29 pm
by marcocom
Warren lets just cut to the burning question.

are the TRACKIR 3 PRO units going to get the signed and qualified x64 driver required by 64bit Vista , or would i find that upgrading to the TIR 4 PRO would somehow miraculously fix the issue...?

honestly i have not been happy about the lack of an upgrade path that allowed me to purchase only the new hardware while being able to keep my already licensed v4 software and hat-clip like it was sold to me. (with my Vector Expansion kit sold seperately, remind you)

love the product and evangelize for it to everyone, but honestly, dont bullshit yourselves on your amazing support for the community and our operating system needs. its a single product, it should have a single WHQL driver per OS at the very least from a single company that only sells that product.

i noticed they dont skimp on their marketing budget and have many friendly faces in all the forums but just what seems like a single c++ developer working on our drivers. one release per year?

im trying to keep our relationship amicable by simply waiting for TIR5 and at least new software/clip solution before plucking down another 180$ - thats not small change. thats a SONY television, or a Cougar HOTAS made of steel, or a 2GB stick of ram. its not a small purchase and yet its sometimes supported as such.

rant over

Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:04 pm
by VincentG
Dear Marco -

We have had the latest version of Vista 32-bit working with the latest version of the TrackIR software and it has been working fine. It has several issues with certain games, and we hope to have those ironed out shortly.

As for the "Certified" version of the drivers for the 64-bit version of Vista, that is another story.

In the past the drivers were frequently updated, more than once a year, and will be more frequently updated in the future. The issue is the certification process takes quite awhile to accomplish, as well as not being free, which for a small company can be very large.

It is something that we are looking into, and will post more on the website when we have more information.

Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:27 pm
by richardleduc
Win seven 64bit here, tried Version 4.1.037 - Final B drivers installs fine, issue, it won't detect the hardware, please advise.


Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:36 pm
by richardleduc
Never mind I figured it out. Just don't install the drivers in the default folder, then all is ok.

Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 5:24 am
by otto

Where did you install the drivers? I have TIR 3 Pro on Windows 7 64-bit. It worked fine on W7 32-bit OS, but once I did a clean install of W7-64, the device is not recognized at all when I plug it in. Nothing happens. I tried it on known working USB ports, still nada. Any suggestions?


Re: 64 bit OS support drivers released!

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 12:37 pm
by VincentG
The device is not being detected in the system device manager, when you connect it to the USB port?

Have you tried moving USB ports?

Are you connecting directly to the PC, or using a hub?