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set up soft ware

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 6:22 pm
by tenmmike
S! it is my position that the soft ware that is used to help in setting up tir is in need of a more "user frindly " version iv got mine working good but i still need a bit more tweeking , what i would like to see is a form of integration that allows the seeing of what your flying so that you can mark the points wher you want dead space and where you want other points . for example in supported games why cant we pick a view with our aircraft and do our adjustments from there?.i know a form of this is possiable now but it is not easy to figure out ( relativly) nor is it intuitive, also at least the centering and on/off should be able to be mapped easier to joy stick , you guys are doing a good job ...expect more people coming soom from a lot of ppl flying a il2er S!