Tracking dot moving but heads motionless

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Re: Tracking dot moving but heads motionless

Post by Kingphisher » Wed Dec 14, 2005 12:29 am


Yes, I did send it correctly and I got an auto response from your mail server. Can you confirm that you received my serial number? It would be best to continue this thread online if there is a risk of emails being blocked by your spam filter. Also, someone else might find the info helpful - if we manage to resolve this.

I�ve repeatedly deleted and reinstalled the software � even shutting down the machine in between. On one occasion the heads gauge did in fact work. However, once I started the sim (FS9) the heads were locked again. Now the heads gauge is once again static and I can only click once on the icon to start it up. If I shut the app down clicking on it again won�t start it again � the response is as if the app is already open. And it is! � because shutting down Win (2000) results in the message �TrackIR not responding� and the End Now button.

Is there any chance of getting this working? I�ve mentioned TrackIR to my flying club and a number are going to call to my place over Christmas to see it in action as I�ve mentioned how good it is. But the whole thing will appear totally lame if its not working�.

An attempt to resolve this would be appreciated.


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