My opinion on using Vector

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Re: My opinion on using Vector

Post by ericd » Mon Dec 20, 2004 4:42 pm

When this starts happening, open the tracking window. Make sure that all three dots are visible throughout your range of movement. Its likely that one or more of the dots isn't visible to the camera and that's when you start seeing the strange behavior...

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Re: My opinion on using Vector

Post by JRH147x » Mon Dec 20, 2004 6:27 pm

Well, following the advice from above, I tilted my hat up because my TIR was higher now. That got rid of the wonkiness.

Problem now is when I go to edit a custom profile, if I change anything (in Yaw or Pitch) when I tilt my head down, my in-game head zooms in instead of tilting down.

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Re: My opinion on using Vector

Post by Theophilus » Tue Dec 21, 2004 2:00 pm

Well I'd just like to say thanks to one and all at NP. I will admit that I'm a TrackIR noob, having only recently purchased the TrackIR Pro and after using it for 2 weeks immediately ordering the Vector. But I have to say that even to me the difference is huge. With the Vector in IL2 it is much smoother than without and in CFS3 it is absolutely awesome, to coin an American'ism:-) Pity the game isn't... hehehe. I use only the defaults as provided by NP and have found Vector to be superb. Regards positioning, I sit about 2.5 ft away from the tracker using the track hat. No problems with tracking for me, so far.
One final point, got mine through E-Dimensional in the UK. Sorry to say packaged in a bubble envelope. No damage but poor I'd say, maybe a word from NP is in order.

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