Look back and leaning is reversed

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Re: Look back and leaning is reversed

Post by Slice » Mon Jan 17, 2005 1:02 am

The problem is very simple, and Charlie has already acknowledged it's a known issue.

Really it's not hard to see yourself, just look behind you in the cockpit in CFS3 and then try to slide your head left - see what happens easy.

Last go at explaining coming up ..

Basically, look forward, now slide your head LEFT (not roll), it slides LEFT in game left. This is correct.

Now look behind you in game. As you are looking behind and trying to slide left, the in-game head moves right. That is incorrect.

The software should see you are now looking behind in game and make your slide left move left on screen. Your REAL head is not actually looking behind you don't forget , so you need to slide left to make the view go left otherwise it just doesn't feel right.

As I said it does seem to notice you are looking behind you and slide correctly in the "heads view" but NOT in game.

Any clearer?

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Re: Look back and leaning is reversed

Post by Pye » Sat Feb 12, 2005 12:59 am

Track IR Software defaults inconsistent

The diagnostic head Roll Axis should correspond to a mirror image as with the rest of the axis�s as defualt during installation without having to manually invert this roll axis from the software.

As pointed out JD pointed out above

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Re: Look back and leaning is reversed

Post by Combathanger » Sat Feb 12, 2005 10:02 am

The real issue is that although it sounds wrong to have to lean left to push your head to the virtual right side of the cockpit when looking back (at your six). It is the only way to make the relative movement consistant.

When you are looking forward....you want to see over the left side of the nose....you LEAN LEFT

When you are looking back (at your six) your percetion IN THE MONITOR is now relative to the aircraft tail, and REVERSED.

Ive hear some ask for a 'toggle', but just when do you want left to switch to right? If Im leaning left to see over the left side of my airplanes nose....and I now turn my head left (keeping myself leaned left)....just when does the software now say....THATS IT, we're reversing the percieved motion.

Trust me....it may look good from a 3rd person view of your virtual head movemets...but it would be a fuster cluck in actual uses.

See this example

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Re: Look back and leaning is reversed

Post by Charlie251 » Sun Feb 13, 2005 2:40 am

You guys are discussing two different issues.

As for the one that was originally discussed in this topic, it is simple.

As of right now, the TrackIR software does not see all the motions being tied together in one. If you are looking out the left window and lean forward to zoom in on your wingtip, your view will not zoom, it will shift right as if you were leaning right.

Again, this is because the software is not programmed to take your 'view direction' into account before applying another axis of movement.

Once the patch gets applied, the software will know your looking to the left.... so when you lean forward to zoom, it will increase the zoom towards the left (which would actually be like leaning left if you were looking forward) causing the proper view adjustment that you were wanting.

It is just not setup this way at this time.

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Re: Look back and leaning is reversed

Post by Wayne » Mon Feb 14, 2005 7:53 pm


I really good explanation Charlie... Thanks!

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