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Severe problem with TrackIR

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 11:37 pm
by No457_Destroyer
First off, it's nice to have a Forum option for support!

The Problem: For some reason, when TrackIR is enabled in IL-2, my system locks up and their is an extremely large amount of static coming though my headphones. My only option is to reboot. This happens every time I enable TrackIR in a game but has not happened without it or in the Windows environment.

History: I recently ordered TrackIR through eDimmensional (package deal with glasses), recieved them last Monday. I formatted my drives before installing these items (for other reasons). After installing all OS/driver/patches/peripherals I installed IL-2 (the main reason I bought the TrackIR). The first time I tried to play it with TrackIR I got massive static then auto reboot. System rebooted ok. Thought I'd try something different, so installed the MoH add-on demo. Used TrackIR again and same thing happened only this time I had to manually reboot. Then my system would not reboot - later found the partion was now listed as 'unknown' Reformatted, reinstalled everything as per above (only this time applying the VIA 4in1 patch) but I'm still getting the same lock-ups. I've tried several things including:
  • Updated to 1.22 for TrackIR
  • Swapping the USB port used from M/B to PCI USB to USB hub.
  • Disabling 'unused' ports etc to free up resources.
  • Looked for common factors at 'lock-up' - seems totally random.
One note of interest was that until I patched with the VIA 4in1 drivers, whenever the system crashed as above, when I rebooted my rudder pedals were no longer recognised although the Couger was.
As you have likely guessed I'm not too technically minded, knowing just enough to get myself into trouble just a little bit more than the average bear! Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the relatively small amount of time that I've actually been able to use TrackIR I can see it's tremendous potential and am keen to get its full use.
My system specs:

WinXP Pro
AMD 1700XP
Asus A7V266-E
1024m DDR Ram
GF4 128m Ti4200
SB Live 5.1
17" LG Flatron 775FT
20 Gb 7200
30 Gb 7200
MAX 52x CD Rom
HP 4x4x24 CD Writer
Thrustmaster Couger + Thrustmaster Pedals
eDimensional Wireless Glasses
TrackIR (sorta )

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Re: Severe problem with TrackIR

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 3:43 am
by Halstead York
Welcome to the Great Land of trackIR- now let's just get your papers in order!

- Does the trackIR work on the Windows desktop or in any other games?

- At what point in IL-2 does the system crash?

- Is the trackIR plugged directly into the MoBo or though a hub?

- Have you updated your SB Live! drivers to the latest version?

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Re: Severe problem with TrackIR

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 6:49 am
by Jim

I think this sounds like the classic USB problem with VIA motherboards and SBLive cards. My first suggestion would be to install an add on PCI USB card, but I guess you already did that. Have the trackIR plugged into that, as it is you safest bet. Try moving your SBLive to another PCI slot, that sometimes fixes it. If you search the net for people with VIA chipsets and SBLive cards / USB problems you will find a ton of suggestions. This is a major issue that still haunts VIA to this day.

What is happening is that VIA didn't implement USB correctly in the onboard chipset and when a device tries to use more than about 5% of the USB bandwidth it issues too many Interrupts, this causes the PCI bus to time out and the sound card can't get any data so it makes bad sounds. I also remember there being an additional problem with just VIA chipsets and SBLive cards, same PCI bandwidth and interrupt problem.

Try taking your sound card out and just having our device plugged into the new PCI USB card. Disable the onboard USB chipset. This should work if. Once it does then you can add stuff back in.

Good luck.

Re: Severe problem with TrackIR

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 3:14 pm
by No457_Destroyer
Wow! Thanks for the quick response.

Now to business.
  • I thought it only crashed in games, but after leaving it in desktop with the TrackIR software running, it crashed again.
  • TrackIR is now plugged directly into the M/B. I thought it was I had a PCI USB card, but it isnt actually... it is just a card 'over' a PCI slot with a cable plugged into the M/B.
  • I'm using the 'latest' S/B drivers..... but you probobly already know about Creatives support for the S/B Live and WinXP.
I'll try the suggestions you've mentioned and get back to you. Failing that I may just get a different soundcard.
Thanks again and I'll let you know what works (I hope )

Re: Severe problem with TrackIR

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2002 2:43 pm
by Jim

Okay, if you don't already have a PCI USB card then I would try that first, in most of these cases it has fixed the problem, and you can probably keep the sound card.

Re: Severe problem with TrackIR

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2002 4:13 pm
by No457_Destroyer
Hello again!

Yes, I've put in a $20 PCI USB card and that has solved the problem with the compatability with my system and TrackIR. Strange thing is I was still geting 'bad' sound and static at certain points in IL-2, and other games but now it is just the sound and my system no longer locks up. BTW, I get the 'bad' sound even without the TrackIR so thats a non issue for you guys .

So, I swapped the SB Live for an Audigy card but I've been having some problems with my system since putting in the new card .

Havn't really had a good chance to try out the TrackIR yet!!!!

Anyhow, that was good advice you gave re: TrackIR and VIA/SB Live etc and it was much appreciated.

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Re: Severe problem with TrackIR

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2002 1:00 am
Hi dear friends! I've got some problems with TrackIR.
I'm IL2 and MFS pilot .
The problem is, that while using trakIR, the CPU usage grows 8-10% per every 30min of using it.

The Hardware configurations is as follows:

AMD Athlon 2200XP+ 512 DDR 400
Geforce 4 TI4400 128 DDR SDRAM

We've tried to solve this problem and came to conclusion, that while using trakIR the number of handles (allocated by process of Windows Task Manager, naturalpoint.exe) grows, and that fact keeps CPU more busy in time and FPS in the games are climbing down.
The point is the numbers of handles are climbing up in one point per second if TrackIR doesn't work (not activated) and the greenlight not indicated.
But when I touch my ring and trackIR is going to be activated with its greenlight, the number of handles stays at level.
Another proplem I have is Windows Task Manager can't shut down the trakIR's process in the operation system.
It closes only interface of the software.
But the hardware configurations with Pentium processor doesn't have this problems. It's only for AMD processors I mean :-(
So we think that's problem of software.

the drivers version is 1.22gx

With Love from Russia
The ROSS pilots,