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Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 11:48 am
by Jim

We have identified the problem and it seems to happen on Intel machines as well. The thing to do is not have the software running when it doesn't "see" a dot. If you leave it running then it does cause a new handle to appear every second. This issue will be fixed in version 2.0, but that is a month or two off at this point.

Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2002 6:55 am
by immele
hi Jim ,

im not sure if we are talking about the same problem, though i wish it is , so you can fix it in an update.

my problem is:,
I have an average fps with Fraps.exe of 45-60 in il-2.
when i fly with trackir on, it dumps 15-20 fps`s even lower.
When i place my hand infront of green light, then it switches back to 45-60.
The situation stays the same for houres. (hand infront-hand away)

trackir works perfect on desktop.

I tryed undelete v1.22, registry cleaned up with everything with NaturalPoint, (also those pid mentioned in a other thread concerning winxp), and tryed out the previous vers 211at, but it didn�t solve the problem.

I can�t remeber having this problem on my old intel- bx-rig at il-2 demo days...and im not quite sure if it�s:
a/trackir software
b/my rig (usb? ) or
c/ il-2

so i�d like to ask you:
a/ if its important using usb1.1 or usb specification 2.0 for trackir?

b/ how can i measure ressorces that usb-port uses ?

c/ if you have any idea how i should deal with this ? -without buying an pci-hub , wich was recomended in other thread.

d/ as you found a problem also on intelmachines, so it isn�t via-chipset-specific ?

sorry for my horror-English.

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Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2002 7:13 am
Maybe it is the USB controller IRQ sharing an IRQ with another device?

I had that once and was the cause of stutter and pauses.

USB controller shared IRQ with ACPI. So on next windows install i disabled ACPI and freed that IRQ. Problem was solved then.

I would say check for IRQ sharing/conflicts. Otherwise i can't think of anything else.

Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2002 7:17 am
Tnx DNME But it isn't IRQ
I have two USB 1.5 and two USB 2.0
And I have same problems all time.

In il2 i have 40-45 FPS with 1600x1200 witout antialising and without anisotrop

When TralIR sees my point - FPS climb down to 30-35
When I put my hand on my trakIr's point and greenlight is not indicates - FPS is up to 40-45 again

Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2002 10:01 am
by Jim

Boy, this sounds to me like a conflict with USB and the video card. As you mentioned, we have seen this before with VIA systems and all users who had the problem got an extra PCI USB card and the problem went away. You can also to the ACPI fix, but that requires a reinstall of the OS. I don't think that the problem you are describing is the same as the Handles issue in XP, that will cause a slightly different frame rate issue.

You should be able to use either USB 1.1 or 2.0 ports, but the issue is with the VIA host controller on the motherboard, they have been known to cause issues with high bandwith USB devices and SBLive sound cards. $20 will fix it with a PCI USB card.

Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2002 12:50 am
I will try it right now.
What kind of PCI USB card do you recomend for my MB?
I'm ready to pay 120 baks more, but
I do not see any links between bandwith of USB controller and incresed CPU usage.
May be the point is a conflict with trakIR (as USB-device) and USB controller by VIA only?
I'm very sorry for poor English

Best Regards, ROSS_ANGEL

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Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2002 7:58 am
by Jim

Any USB card should work, Belkin is a favorite of mine. It is worth the money to give it a try and if it doesn't help then you can always return it. We strongly suspect that the VIA USB chipset is what is causing the frame rate slow down.

Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2002 10:31 am
So... I'm a loser again... Damn it...
I've got PCI USB card by tekram with NEC chipset now but nothing heppens...
Damn... I'm betta-bugtester lol
CPU usage grows and grows with ussual climb... and FPS is stalling and stalling...
so... 25 baks doesn't fix my hell...
Only TrakIr's Team can do it!
Soft... soft... soft...

Yours, Angel

Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2002 2:03 pm
by Jim

So, the USB card didn't fix it... Hmm. Can you post your compelete system specs one more time for me, so that we can try and compare this to hardware that we have? I haven't heard of anyone else having the same exact problem, so it will be a hard one to track down, but we will do our best. We will have version 2.0 software out soon (1 month or so) and hopefully that will help. We aren't patching the current software anymore, just working on the new stuff.

Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2002 1:29 am
Hi Jim!
I sended a file for you with my full system information by e-mail (
Plz check it ASIP.
In simple words I can say:
AMD Athlon XP+ 2200
Albatron GF4200XP turbo 128Mb DDR SDRAM 3.3ns (detonator 41.09 last)
SBLive5.1 (last driver pack from 07.2002)
Gigabyte A7VAX (4in1 driver ver. 4.45 - last)
512 DDR 400
WinXP - today latest update
SitekX45 - joystik (latest drivers 2_9...)
PCI USB card tekram DC602 series

Best Regards, Your Russian friends.
BTW our squadron has more then 200 pilots...
And guys are waiting our discussion )
In Russia pps have 50%IP and 50%AMD procs.