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Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2002 11:36 pm
by immele
you won�t belive it.....

i dwnloaded the official "usb-patch for amd- prozesors higher than 350 mhz" for win98se from microsoft, (although every other usbdevice ,excluding trackir, already worked perfect) .Result:
-The framratedrop still there.

then i just unplugged trackir to another usb-port (front, beside the usb-stick)
-much better improvment in fps !! (with handinfront-handawaytest)
not compeltly fixed , but now i can fly again with trackir.

try that one Ross , hope it helps you.


Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2002 7:01 pm

I think I've got it!!!


1) I downloaded a new VIA USB patch ver2.51 for USB 2.0 only
2) I tried to install it.
In step one it asks me to install USB2.0 hoster but when I press OK the programm asks me to download new driver for USB2.0 from microsoft. I didn't see the new driver there.
2) When I tried to run setup again.
3) Next time setup asks me to install the VIA USB2.0 filter.
I dont know whats this but I was runing this way.
The programm installed quikly.


CPU usage stays in correct level 0-4% all 5 hours of game but I've got handles around 13000 points per playing time!!!

So I don't give a something for handles becouse I keep my CPU usage (FPS in game) on the normal level.

Plz Team check that things included in "VIA USB filter"(patch 4.51) and fix it in your next patch trackIR2.0

But I'm waiting tomorrow playing time and I'll check it again...

With Love from Russia

Re: With Love from Russian pilots

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2002 7:09 pm
Hallo Immele!
Tnx mate but I didn't see new USB driver from microsoft for my WinXP.
I hope the TrakIR's Team will fix it for AMD procs too in the next patch.
Tnx again! CYA!