New monitor mountings for the SmartNav 3 in the UK?

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New monitor mountings for the SmartNav 3 in the UK?

Post by Johnny_F » Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:21 am

I have a SmartNav 3 (the older version). I know you cannot buy these anymore but I have been informed that you can still buy the accessories for them. What happened with mine is; one of the tiny washers that is fixed in the monitor mountings has perished. Now when I mount the SmartNav on top of my laptop, it does not stay upright anymore.

Can you still buy these tiny little washers or the other thing I have noticed, is that you can buy different monitor mounts still for the SmartNav 3.. Will these do the trick so it can be fixed to a laptop and take the place of the existing little tiny washers that hold it in place and upright at the moment?

The other problem is, I have only found one link that shows them. This I believe is a USA outlet. I put the link below and the accessories I am talking about are number 5 in the accessory list. I live in the UK, is there anywhere that I might be able to buy them here? If so, can somebody give me a link for a UK outlet that sells them please? ... ories.html


Johnny F

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Re: New monitor mountings for the SmartNav 3 in the UK?

Post by NaturalPoint - Mike » Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:53 pm

Hello �

Unfortunately, no. The SmartNav 3 units have been out of production for quite some time now and we don�t have remaining service parts for them. The monitor mount shown only serves to give the SmartNav an adhesive base to the monitor or laptop, but won�t do anything about the issue with the missing washer. You may be able to find a replacement and do a DIY fix on it, or alternatively apply some adhesive or create a sheath to go around the joint to stabilize it, but there�s no official repair for it.

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