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Green light off

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:19 am
by cimerians
Hello just wondering what it means if the green light is off, been having issues lately with tracking and I noticed the green light is sometimes off. If I jiggle the SmartNav it will come on but still doesn't seem to track properly.

I have another Smartnav at work and the green light on that one is always on and the tracking is perfect (using the same settings etc.)

Re: Green light off

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 11:27 am
by Chris.Johnson

Thank you for asking about this. It sounds like the USB cable, or connection is starting to fail. Can you try using a different USB cable to see if that fixes it?

Re: Green light off

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:59 pm
by cimerians
Just tried that and thats exactly what it was. Thanks for responding, all good now. :D