capture body movement

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capture body movement

Post by enoch » Mon Oct 21, 2002 9:55 pm

dear sir,
sorry to post again. i want to mention more details of my problem:

i would like to use smart-nav to capture body movement. however, i just move about 1 inch wide that is equal to the monitor wide (ie from left to right @ 1024x768)

actually, is it possible to move about 3 feets wide instead of 1 inch? I can see the data window is must wider, the yellow dot move from left to right is around 3 - 4 feet long.

Please kindly help me to correct map it? many thanks.


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Re: capture body movement

Post by Jim » Tue Oct 22, 2002 4:00 pm


Okay, I understand your problem better now. You want to control the cursor by larger body movement and not fine head movement, is that correct? When you make a large body movement then the cursor moves too much. The simple way to fix this is to lower our Scaling value all the way, or to go into your Windows Control Panel and turn down the Speed setting and also the Acceleration setting. That should make it very slow. Also, note that the settings will be called different things in different OS's.

If you need it to be even slower then you will have to develop a special application based on our SDK.

Let me know if I have the problem described correctly.

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