TrackIR with SmartNAV software

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TrackIR with SmartNAV software

Post by Dogg » Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:18 pm

Hi, I have a TrackIR 3 (Pro I believe) that I bought a while ago to play flight sims. I now have occupational overuse syndrome. I would like to use my TrackIR to control the mouse. I just need it for mouse movement, I can use the keyboard to click.

Using the latest TrackIR software, I find it impossible. It is too sensitive, even when I adjust the curves to be flat at a value of 1. Actually as I type this I realize the reason is probably that I have mouse acceleration set high. I will try it again and post results.

I tried using the SmartNAV software but it tells me it does not work with a TrackIR device.

What exactly is the difference between a SmartNAV and a TrackIR device? They look the same. I don't see why the same software couldn't be used to control both?

I see there is a large difference in price. Since I doubt the SmartNAV hardware differs much from the TrackIR (is it just the click switch plug?), is the difference in the software? If so, can you convince me to purchase a SmartNAV? I'm not being cheap -- I am a software engineer and I sit in front of a computer for about 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. My wrists are shot and I really need an alternative mouse. I *want* the SmartNAV software to be amazing, and I would gladly pay a premium. How much of a difference am I going to see from the TrackIR to the SmartNAV?

Assuming I am going to buy a SmartNAV (I will actually need two, one for home and one for work), I have some questions about the different models...

Going from SmartNAV Standard to EG I get 2 rings and a y-breakout cable for an extra $100. Do I gain anything else? Say I wanted only a single switch. Does the Standard has a switch input on the side? Only two of the switches you sell say "EG and AT only". Does this mean the "Dual USB foot switch" works with the Standard?


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Re: TrackIR with SmartNAV software

Post by Dogg » Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:47 pm

Ok, I tried it with less mouse speed and it worked better. However, I still find it very difficult to use.

With a curve, movements around the center of the screen are fine, but movements around the edges are exagerated. If I make the curve flat, then I have to increase mouse speed to get the cursor around the screen. When I do this, I am not able to make precision movements.

What is needed is to only move the mouse cursor when I am moving my head away from the TrackIR center. For example, if I move from 0,0 (being the center) to 45,45 (being down,right) then the cursor should move down and right a distance based on the speed and distance of my head movement (this acceleration should be adjustable). Now, if I move from 45,45 to 20,20 then the cursor is not moved. If I move to 0,0 it is not moved. If I move to -20,-20 the cursor is moved up and left a distance based on the speed and distance of my head movement.

This approach allows me to pan the cursor around. The TrackIR software centers the cursor on the screen when I center my head. This is ok for games like flight sims, but makes absolutely no sense for mouse control.

How does the SmartNAV work?

Also, the mouse doesn't move with the TrackIR unless the Mouse Emulation program has focus. How can I move the mouse when other programs have focus?

One last note, the y axis should support panning as well as the x axis. I used a 24" LCD monitor turned 90 degrees to give me a 1200x1920 resolution. While I don't think the existing type of panning is the correct solution, this feature may be needed by someone.

I know I asked many questions, but I hope none are missed. Thank you for your time replying to my questions!

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Re: TrackIR with SmartNAV software

Post by kevin » Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:25 am

The TrackIR is not meant to be a mouse replacement. The mouse emulation software will only work when it is the focus or in game. The TrackIR and SmartNAV, while sharing a similar form factor, are equipped with different hardware. There are many differences between the two units, differences which have been discussed at length in this forum. Please check out this thread for more information: ... 4;t=000081

The SmartNAV has helped many people with repetitive strain injuries, I would check out our testimonials page here: ... nials.html

The SmartNAV Hands Free Mouse hardware was purposely designed for use as a mouse replacement and has many software settings that allow for maximizing your precision.

To get a better understanding of the SmartNAV product line we have a product comparison page here: ... mpare.html

The EG comes with the switch input, rings and a y-breakout cable to use with the switch input. You can use a single foot or palm switch with this device. The AT comes with dwell clicking, the switch input and y-breakout cable (rings can be requested).

The Dual foot switch and ErgoClick switch are USB and will work with any SmartNAV model.

We also have a 30 day money back return policy so if the SmartNAV was not totally amazing (which I think it is) you could return it.

If you have any follow up questions please post or email me.


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