SmartNav 3 or TrackIR 4: Pro?

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SmartNav 3 or TrackIR 4: Pro?

Post by Ed17 » Mon Aug 28, 2006 2:28 am

I'm interested in these products, because I have some pain in my wrists(RSI), and I don't want it to get any worse... but I have some questions:

1. Can I use TrackIR 4:Pro as a replacement of my mouse? If so, which one is more precise, SmartNav 3 or TrackIR 4?

2. How precise is it? (can I move the pointer pixel by pixel?)

3. How much lag is there, or is it very exact?

4. Why is the SmartNav 3 more expensive than the TrackIR 4 pro?

I'm hesitating to buy one of these products, because I'd like to move the pointer as precise as I can do with the mouse. And I also would like to play games (mostly FPS games like Counter-strike), but I've read that this is possible.

Thank you in advance,


PS: I have another question:

How does it work, starting with your head in natural position, with the pointer in the center of the screen:

If i turn my head to the left (horizontally) will the pointer keep on going to the left, until I reposition my head in natural position? Or will the pointer stop at the point you're looking at (with the right settings) and return to the center of my screen when I go back to natural position with my head?

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Re: SmartNav 3 or TrackIR 4: Pro?

Post by VincentG » Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:20 am

1 - The SmartNAV is designed as a replacement for your desktop mouse. The TrackIR is designed specifically for use in games. The SmartNAV can us the TrackIR software to be used in games, but the TrackIR can't use the SmartNAV software, and really isn't designed or have the capabilities to be used on the desktop.

2&3 - The SmartNAV is just as precise as the mouse on your system.

4 - The price difference is somewhat due to the difference in the products themselves, and also the software that allows the Smartnav to replicate the mouse use on the desktop.

5 - There are two different ways to control the cursor using the SmartNAV, which allows users to choose the mode that feels the most natural.

Relative Mode
This is the easiest cursor control mode for a new user to get used to. It works in the same kind of way that a regular mouse does, bumping the cursor against the edge of the screen allows the user to change the relationship between their head position and the location of the cursor on the screen. Pressing the Center Hotkey will re-center the cursor on the screen.

Absolute Mode
Absolute mode is intended for advanced SmartNAV users, and allows a fixed relationship to be set up between the head location and the cursor position. Bumping the cursor against the edges of the screen will not change the relationship of the cursor to the users head position. Pressing the Center Hotkey will reset the relationship and re-center the cursor on the screen. Therefore, the user should make sure that their head is positioned where they wish the new center to be when they re-center.

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Re: SmartNav 3 or TrackIR 4: Pro?

Post by kevin » Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:52 am

We also feature a 30 day money back guarantee so you could always try the device for 30 days and return it, if for some reason you are not satisfied.

We have had many RSI sufferers successfully use the SmartNAV, I would suggest checking out our testimonials page here: ... nials.html

If you have any follow up questions please ask.


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