Lost camera(Camera stalled) and drifting error

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Lost camera(Camera stalled) and drifting error

Post by im-kitsch » Sun Nov 06, 2022 11:23 am


we have bought optitrack camera systems last year. Now we have two problems:

1. Lost camera in Motive

We use 8 cameras(PrimeX 13W) for tracking. But sometimes the camera is lost in Motive. And I checked the system status log, it shows information "2D: Camera Stalled". In Optitrack's wiki it shows that it should be okay if the information occurs a few times. However, in our motive it shows quite many times.
After the camera is lost in Motive, the lost camera's front light shows blue light, the LED light is alternately on and off(blue and white). It looks like the camera is in Hibernation according to optitrack-wiki. But it should be triggered when the motive is closed.

After the camera is lost, the motive cannot find that camera anymore. If we unplug the plug in the camera cable again, motive software can find the camera again. But that camera will be in uncalibrated status. And we have to calibrate it again.

It's really an annoying problem and it occurs frequently, sometimes one/two hours after re-calibration. In wiki it shows that the problem may come from electromagnetic interference. But we use the CAT-6 Cable for the Optitrack-system that are bought together with the camera. So the camera should be anti-electromagnetic interference.

Our system:

      Sync Networking: Intel I210-T1 + Netgear ProSafe MS519TXPP.

      Camera: PrimeX 13W

      motive: 2.3.1

      PC: Intel i7-10700KF, 32GB RAM.  Win 10 Pro 21H2.

How can we figure out where the problem comes from or how can we solve it?

2. Calibration error

     We noticed that after calibration, the system's tracking accuracy becomes more and more inaccurate. And we have to re-calibrate. It drifts so faster than expected. We expect that it should at least work for one month after calibration.

     How frequent should we calibrate? Do you have any recommended time intervals for calibration?

Thanks for the help  and looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes.

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