small ghost problem

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small ghost problem

Post by corwin » Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:15 am

Hello, I'm currently using our new 6 flex 13 camera bundle and it's working quite well.

We use it with stereoscopy and shutter glasses in our VR room. The Optihub receives the sync signal from our Quadro and transfers the signal to our IR emitter (Digital Image). However we, on the image, occur to have a small, constant ghost. As our projector is quite cheap we don't have a way to tune it. I was wondering if we could do something about it with the sync panel of TT, as the Optihub is part of the sync chain.I'm currently under shutter glasses sync mode, 120 Hz and 0 fine tune (don't know the purpose of fine tune). Is there something we could do to possibly affect/change/erase the ghost?

Another question, we have a spare V120:Trio, I was just wondering if we could add it to our flex 13 system (we have a spare Optihub 2 too). As far as I've checked in the FAQ I don't think it's possible but I just wanted to have a confirmation.

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