Flex 13 maximum distance depending on?

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Flex 13 maximum distance depending on?

Post by Ives » Tue May 21, 2013 8:20 am

In the camera discription the maximum set-up distance of a
v100 and a Flex 13 is equal.
Is this due to the length of the USB cables? or
because of the led light strenght?

With my old v100 system, the maximum distance is indeed 24'.
If you go further the markers get to small to be tracked properly.
With the Flex 13 you would expect that the maximum distance would be bigger, becuase of the resolution.

My v100 system works well with a double usb extention cables from the hub to the PC.

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Re: Flex 13 maximum distance depending on?

Post by NaturalPoint-Dustin » Tue May 21, 2013 4:43 pm

Hello Ives,

The cable length restrictions still apply. The range of the Flex13 is indeed higher.

If you are able to run the cables across the volume, by mounting the cameras/hubs and running the cables on the ceiling, you could get up to at least 30' x 30'.

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Re: Flex 13 maximum distance depending on?

Post by Ives » Wed May 22, 2013 4:38 am


I guess the Flex 13 needs more power and a higher data rate.
So will the double usb extention cables Hub to PC work as as good with the Flex 13 as it does with v100?

The dilemma we have is:

Will 18-24 Flex 13 camera's deliver proper data for 3 actors in a minimum of 7m at 7m acting space (10m-10m setup)

Or will it take alot of extra animation correction work, compare to a prime 17W or a bonita 10 set-up.

In other words what will the difference be between Flex 13 and Prime 17W, when you record three actors?

The problem with optitrack is that we can't find out whether we get the result we need, untill we buy at least 8 camera's of a kind.
(Vic. came over to show us a 18 camera set-up, so we know what it is capable off)

Seth Steiling
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Re: Flex 13 maximum distance depending on?

Post by Seth Steiling » Wed May 22, 2013 4:01 pm

Hi Ives,

A Flex 13 system in the range you're considering should deliver fantastic 3 person data, with very minimal post-processing needed (though, as with any optical system, the cleanup always depends a bit on the types of motions you're capturing).

Compared to the Prime 17W, the quality of the data will be similar. At equal camera counts, the P17W's larger FOV will produce a larger volume and a little bit better data continuity. However, this difference would be more noticeable at higher performer counts (like 4+).

I can't offer as specific of a comparison to Bonita 10s, since the technology isn't as readily available to me for testing. :-) However, I can confidently say that our 3D precision and camera range both consistently outperform competing, similarly spec'd systems--often convincingly. And in this case, the Flex 13 actually offers a bit higher resolution.

Plus, when combined with our fast-glass lenses, on-camera Aim Assist button, one-click performer calibration, industry leading range, full IR illumination, etc... there are many other factors to consider beyond the resolution which make an OptiTrack system a compelling option.

Regarding the extension cables--you can use 2x from the hub to the PC, just like with V100 cameras. That's a great way to extend your setup size. We also have some other tricks, if you're not able to mount the system on the ceiling, which should enable you to get your volume up to 30' x 30'. I've done this several times before with good results and would be happy to work with you on how to accomplish it.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at seth[at]naturalpoint[dot]com. I can go over methods for extending setup size as well as sketching up some diagrams of expected setup area and capture volume size.

- Seth
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Re: Flex 13 maximum distance depending on?

Post by Ives » Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:57 am

Tnx, will mail you personal with some additional questions.

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