Questions concerning daylight, syncronisation and more

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Questions concerning daylight, syncronisation and more

Post by AndyInt » Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:37 am


i want to track outdoors to make biomechanic analysis.

I wonder if this is possible with a set of S250e or other cameras? Do i get problems with the daylight? Can i handle this problems? Does someone have experience here?

Do i understand it right that a set of cameras is not syncronized without a special box? do i need additional cables?

Is the software of Natural Point able to do biomechanical analysis?

Thank you and best regards,

NaturalPoint - Brent
NaturalPoint Employee
NaturalPoint Employee
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Re: Questions concerning daylight, syncronisation and more

Post by NaturalPoint - Brent » Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:47 am

Hi AndyInt,
You can indeed do outdoor captures with our cameras. The Prime series cameras have filters more tuned to outdoor capturing. If you want to capture outdoors, it helps to have the cameras up higher than your subject and angled down out of direct view of the sun. During the camera calibration process, you can mask out those specific hot spots where sun reflection may be coming back to the cameras. You can also re-mask those areas over the course of the day to as the sun changes.

What are the specifics on your outdoor capture? Can you provide details on the environment and subject? If you can provide specifics, I can tell you what I would suggest for a setup.

Cameras are synced automatically through the Motive software. There is a box called the eSync which you can use to sync to external devices such as forceplates and EMG, timecode, and other types of reference video cameras. These devices usually use standard BNC or RCA cables.

If you are using one of OptiTrack's internal marker sets, you can export Joint Angle data out of BVH, or you can export rigid body information out of CSV or marker data out of C3D. There are a number of options in Motive to export data for you take into programs like Matlab, Labview, Visual 3D for analysis.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions please feel free to write back.

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