Slim 3u/v120:SLIM electrical specification

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Slim 3u/v120:SLIM electrical specification

Post by blegas78 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:12 pm

Hello, I recently purchased some older V120:Slim cameras from eBay and am working on adapting them to my older current V100:R1 system. I have browsed through the hardware documentation but am still left with some questions regarding the breakout cable functions.

For IRLED_CTRL_OUT, I I have some 850nm ring lights that I will connect to this pin using an appropriate FET and separate power supply. I think that I read somewhere that there is a maximum 50mA limit. When I set the IR intensity in Motive, does this operate a PWM on this pin? If so, what is the PWM frequency?

I am not sure what VCAP_OUT is for, is this used when I use Motive?

I assume that AUX_OUT is really only meant for the provided APIs, is there a way to use this in Motive?

Are all of these rated at max 50mA and 3.3V?


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