- TrackIr 5 Going Crazyy during SUNNY DAYS! -

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- TrackIr 5 Going Crazyy during SUNNY DAYS! -

Post by riky93ita » Sat Jan 21, 2017 7:44 am


I wanna make a question. I have a really annoying problem with your product! I pay 200+ € for a product that I can only use during the night! This TrackIr 5 you sell can't works during the day, SUNNY DAY! I read in internet and many people have this problem! Is this normal? I'm quite ANGRY! It seems that TrakIr5 going crazy ALWAYS during the sunny days!!! I have a big house with big windows and there's always sun in my house!
I can't fly, and use my TrackIr 5 for this reason! During the day it goes totally CRAZY !!! One of the 2 green leds starts flashing AWFULLY! And in the game (FSX) the view GOES CRAZY too!!! And I'm forced to close FSX!!! :evil:
This is not normal, 'cause during the night (NO LIGHTS, SUNNY RAYS, AROUND ME) the TrackIr 5 works just perfect! THIS IS UNACCETABLE FOR ME!!!
I wanna have answer, also for all the money I spent for this!!!


Riccardo F.

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