Refraction issue when locating markers

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Yan Zhang
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Refraction issue when locating markers

Post by Yan Zhang » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:15 am


Our Optitrack system uses Flex 3 cameras and Motive: Tracker GUI on the desktop.

In our experiment, we put robots into a glass box. Each robot is defined with three markers. We are thinking about using acrylic plexiglass as the cover of the box. And we want to use Optitrack to locate the robots inside the box.

We are concerned with 2 issues. First, when the infrared rays hit the glass cover, there could be some phantom markers blinking in the Motive GUI. We are concerned whether the Optitrack will still recognize the rigid body from all those blinking markers.

Second, when the IR rays pass through the glass cover, there will be refraction. We think this refraction will cause some systematic errors in positioning. We wonder if there any things we can do to deal with this error? Choose thinner glass? Or use more markers to define the rigid bodies? Are these helpful?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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