FLEX 3 quality review from user..

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FLEX 3 quality review from user..

Post by KennethC » Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:05 pm

hello there Optitrack users..

we are currently considering purchasing either the 8 flex3 camera package to do some everyday mundane animations such as dialogues and simple walking and gesturing.

my question is, is flex 3 good enough to get me quality mocaps for my simple mocap needs? I come from lower end mocap such as ipisoft (six cams) and ikinema Orion via HTC vive trackers. will Flex3 get me higher quality animations than what I am currently getting from cheap mocap solutions? (ps2 cams are $7 a pop and I use 6 of them for ipisoft)

ipisoft sample:

Orion sample:

I guess I am asking if Flex 3 can be used for really high quality mocaps (such as seen in movies). Aside from smaller capture are, are flex 3 just as capable of producing accurate and subtle movements that the higher level camera can (the ones that cost 10 times more.. )

Any real input form Flex 3 users would be immensely appreciated..

Thank you.


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Re: FLEX 3 quality review from user..

Post by bsteagal » Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:49 pm

Hi Kenneth

As a long time flex3 user in my studio (I have 12, and have been using v100r2/flex3 since aorund 2009), I can tell you yes, you can capture high quality animation with these cameras. Every sample with body mocap here https://vimeo.com/showcase/5150493 are done with these cameras (except for The Monster race, where I had some friends capture the run in their studio) sounds like what you want to do is similar to the captures I do

I would probably recommend more cameras if you can afford it (12), for coverage (helps to bring down occlusions and how much cleaning you have to do).

In all systems, even the big ones with lots of resolution and lots of cameras, there's still a fair amount of data that has to be cleaned, camera counts help with this, so 8 is the bare minimum. You can contact me directly if you have any questions
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Re: FLEX 3 quality review from user..

Post by KennethC » Mon Nov 18, 2019 4:23 pm

Thanks for your reply. You are ver kind. This will help me tremendously in my purchase decisions. Will contact you later.

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