Numerid Displays dont turn off

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Numerid Displays dont turn off

Post by Manium » Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:32 am


I have a very small problem with my C120 cameras.
I've written a software (C++). Everything works fine except that the Numeric LEDs don't turn off.

I've tried several things like :
cameraToClose->SetOption(NP_OPTION_NUMERIC_DISPLAY_OFF, (CComVariant) 0);

I have tried other values than 0 like 255 or -1.

I dont know wich value I should put in this function (in the manuel it's said N/A so...).

I've noticed that it does not work too with the cpp1 example (MFC) but it works fine with the PointCloud calibration tool.

Thanking you in advance.

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Re: Numerid Displays dont turn off

Post by Birch » Mon Oct 29, 2007 10:29 pm

Which version of the OptiTrack SDK do you have installed?

I just tested and verified that the following code sets the display and then clears it (using a modified vc8b sample).

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    CComVariant displayVal;
    displayVal.intVal = 35;
    displayVal.vt = VT_INT;
    hr = m_spCamera->SetOption(NP_OPTION_NUMERIC_DISPLAY_ON, displayVal);

    hr = m_spCamera->SetOption(NP_OPTION_NUMERIC_DISPLAY_OFF, CComVariant (0));

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Re: Numerid Displays dont turn off

Post by Manium » Tue Oct 30, 2007 3:38 am

I've tried with the SDK 1.1.031 and 1.1.032 beta 02 on different computers.

I have tried your code and it's work fine. Actually it seems that my problem comes from the fact that I had aleardy used the start() and stop() function.

Code: Select all

cameraCollection->Item(index, &camera);
camera->SetOption(NP_OPTION_NUMERIC_DISPLAY_ON, (CComVariant) id);
camera->SetOption(NP_OPTION_NUMERIC_DISPLAY_OFF, CComVariant(0));
// OK (Open, Close, Start and Stop are not used yet)

camera->SetOption(NP_OPTION_NUMERIC_DISPLAY_OFF, CComVariant(0)); // OK

camera->Open(); // Or without this...
camera->SetOption(NP_OPTION_NUMERIC_DISPLAY_OFF, CComVariant(0)); // Didn't work
I just add camera->Start() and Stop() and the last part and it works fine now.

Thank you very much !

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