SLIM:V120 and Optihub

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SLIM:V120 and Optihub

Post by aghman » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:35 pm

With the new SLIM:V120s, will they perform sync over USB with the OptiHub( as it seems to allude to on the product page)?

"Up to 24 SLIM cameras can be synchronized per PC. Each synced camera can operate in different video modes with individually customized camera settings. Utilize OptiHubs in your sync chain to enable external syncing capabilities.*2"

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Re: SLIM:V120 and Optihub

Post by Birch » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:17 pm

We are in the process of updating our FAQ for the new product. The entry below is not yet updated on the website.

The V120:SLIM cameras only support Wired sync, they do not support OptiSync (sync over USB).

Also :

Q : Can an OptiHub be used as the master in a V120:SLIM sync chain?

A :
Tracking Tools : Yes
When an OptiHub is used as the master for a V120:SLIM Wired Sync chain with the Tracking Tools, it is necessary to set the frame rate to 120 Hz in the Custom Synchronization settings. If this is not done the chain will operate at 100 Hz which will also alter the exposure behavior.

OptiTrack SDK : Not Recommended
When used with the OptiTrack SDK, there is no way to override the 100 Hz master frame rate generated by the OptiHub.

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