optihubs for v100 cameras

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optihubs for v100 cameras

Post by artoo » Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:55 pm

i wonder if a 12 cam setup would benefit from using the the optihuds instead of the dlink hubs. (?)

are the optihuds able to generate a sync without a external sync source ?

can both hubs be extended with 2 active usb extension cables ?
(like 5+5+5 = 15meter usb cable on each hub)

i am currently doing that with the dlink hubs, but the whole system seems not very stable.. during capture sessions single cammeras suddenly stop recording, which needs the whole thing to be restarted after every few takes.

thats why i hope the optihuds would be somehow better in general.. better power handling or such.. since unlike the dlinks they are realy build for this.

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Re: optihubs for v100 cameras

Post by VincentG » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:41 pm

You can use the OptiHubs, in with a V100 camera, and place the hub in the sync chain, but you still have to use the RCA cables.

The number of active cables, may not increase or decrease using the OH, but this would effect the data that is received at the PC itself, and should not stop the camera from recording data.

The d-link hubs that you are using, are those with the original; D-link power supplies?

6 cameras per hub?

http://www.naturalpoint.com/optitrack/s ... .html#q214
Q : Which sync modes and camera combinations are supported by the OptiHub?
A : (see link)

http://www.naturalpoint.com/optitrack/s ... .html#q220
Q : Can an OptiHub be used with the OptiTrack SDK?
A : The OptiTrack SDK only provides support for the OptiHub to operate as a standard USB hub. The SDK is not able to support or utilize any of the enhanced features of the OptiHub, such as OptiSync (sync over USB) or external sync-in.

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Re: optihubs for v100 cameras

Post by Jim » Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:16 pm


In general, yes, your reliability will improve with use of the OptiHub, especially, as Vince notes, if you have the DLink power brick, not the one that says NaturalPoint on it.

Also, with the latest Arena 1.6 (beta due out soon) there are camera startup reliability improvements.


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