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OptiTrack DirectShow Filter 1.4 Final now available

Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:03 pm
by Birch
* Update : The DirectShow Filter 1.4 Final is now available, see change list below for details.

NaturalPoint is pleased to announce the Beta 1 release of our updated DirectShow Filter package.

The DirectShow filter allows OptiTrack cameras to used as standard video input sources in a variety Windows applications. Also included in the package is an example C++ DirectShow capture application with complete source code. We invite you to try it and share your feedback with us.

Downloads :
DirectShow Filter 1.4 Final ... .Final.exe

Download section on the OptiTrack site ... loads.html

Changes :
Camera SDK 1.4 Final :
* Updated logo graphics

DirectShow Filter 1.4 Beta 1
* Added S250e support
* Added OptiShow DirectShow-based camera preview-analyze-capture application
* Added OptiShow Source code
* Added New OptiTrack MJPEG Encoder/Decoder filters
* Added Trace log output for frame drop reporting
* Added V120:SLIM support
* Added Filter Switch (FS) support for V100:R2 cameras
* Added On-Camera MJPEG video mode
* Changed Improved performance of the Capture Source filter
* Changed Merit from DO_NOT_USE to NORMAL
* Changed Added support for "Autostart Single Camera"
* Fixed Improved frame dropping performance when recording
* Fixed Freeze on frame record when used with video compressors
* Fixed Improved accuracy of SampleTime timestamps

Re: OptiTrack DirectShow Filter 1.4 Final now available

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:19 am
by loosifer
that good...thanks..for..tip