issue an updated file for us with the corrected name

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issue an updated file for us with the corrected name

Post by AdamFrench » Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:41 pm

Prepar3D works fine with TIR5 with this change. You don't need to buy extra software.
Get a dll editor. Try Resource Hacker.
Back up both the FSX and Prepar3D language.dll files.
Open the language.dll files of FSX and Prepar3D in separate dll editor windows.
In the FSX language.dll, from the String Table 1 copy the code in the 1033 for lines 2 & 3 and paste it / overwrite it in the corresponding section of the Prepar3D language.dll.
Change the code in the Prepared language.dll
2, "Lockheed Martin� Prepar3D�"
3, "Lockheed Martin� Prepar3D�"

to look like the code in the fsx language.dll

2, "Microsoft Flight Simulator X"
3, "Microsoft Flight Simulator"
Save (compile if required).
It gets trackir 5 working. You can revert to the backup dll when you want. This dll change tells Trackir 5 that the sim is FSX where as before it was finding prepar3D and not accepting it.

I have read that only line 2 needs to change but I have not tried that. I have also tried two different dll editors. Resource Hacker was the only one I was able to get working without crashing P3D.

Could NP issue an updated file for us with the corrected name? The file is not currently editable for us. It would be better than having us edit the P3D language.dll file for a number of reasons. Are you clear on what I am asking?

Seth Steiling
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Re: issue an updated file for us with the corrected name

Post by Seth Steiling » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:46 am

Hi Adam,

I think this is a great tip for the community. We can't, in good faith, hack the P3D language.dll ourselves--nor can we officially encourage our users to do so. But I think it's fine for you to post your tip here on the forums.

We've been investigating a more "official" support pathway, and I hope that we'll have something out to you guys before too long.

- Seth
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