Axis multiplier; Limit set; Round values in the .xml

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Axis multiplier; Limit set; Round values in the .xml

Post by GeorgeBoles » Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:21 pm

Good Morning TrackIR,

I am a happy TrackIR user for some years. I have the TrackIR4 camera etc. and using the TrackIR 5 software.

1. Often times I wish to MULTIPLY the y-values of any particular axis by a factor: say 0.6 or 2.0 if I am trying to trim a setup. Obviously I can RAISE or DEPRESS a graph, or increase or decrease the ENTIRE sensitivity using the top panel slider, but that is sometimes not what I want.

Could we have, next to the Raise and Lower buttons, a Factor box we can fill in for that particular axis?

2. The .xml allows the Limit to be set at something apart from default. For pitch is 105 degrees which allows me to look back over my head, but not have my head drop off, which it would if the limit were the default180 degrees.

Is there any room, next to the Limit checkbox to put a numerical limit box so an inexperienced user can make this modification without having to open the .xml file?

3. To make reading the .xml file easier, could the algorithm which writes the xml file please round to one decimal place?

These would make the setup a lot easier.


Attached the pitch axis from my current setup to show what I mean:

Code: Select all


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