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Different versions of Trackir

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 7:20 pm
by Solo59

I have been using Trackir 5 Pro w/pro clip for over a month now. I absolutely LOVE this special unique little device.

I use it ONLY for Sim racing games. I cannot and refuse to race without my trackir 5. Don't know how I went all these years without using it.

Now my suggestion is; selling another version of trackir for sim racing games only with yaw and pitch available only. If limiting the amount of degrees of rotation will significantly bring down the cost then that would be really appreciated.
For example, I ONLY use "yaw" & "pitch" axis when playing any one of my racing games. Why? Thats all I need. Look up/down (for mirrors and adds to immersion) and look left/right for mirrors, situational "car/track" awareness and look to apex. No need for any of the other axes when racing. IMO using other axes when racing always makes me press the centre button way too often and can be a visual distracting when racing. I'm not the only sim racer with trackir that only use yaw n pitch.

Sell Trackir aimed at racing gamers;
Yaw and Pitch axes ONLY (For racing)

I'm not sure of how others feel about other genres of gaming paired with trackir. But I think alot of pc sim racers will definately buy into trackir if it was only under $100 with limited DOR. Especially with 21:9 widescreen monitors, sim racers will find using trackir with it would be gold! I do not regret my original trackir 5 purchase, this is only a friendly suggestion after my experience with trackir.

Re: Different versions of Trackir

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:11 pm
by MikeWitham

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter. It has been noted and sent to the right people.